It was right under my nose the whole time!

So I was watching excerpts from “Unattached” , a Documentary Channel film, about the Shidduch Crisis focused on the Upper West Side of New York. Many in the Modern Orthodox world are concerned because young MO Jews are getting married later and later, foregoing marriage for career and school. The fears expressed include concerns about what this means for declining Jewish birth rates overall. Here’s the vid:

All sorts of solutions have been proposed for this problem but none seem to be working. As I thought of this I glanced at a chart I was reading regarding population figures in the West Bank and Gaza:

VI. West Bank & Gaza Strip: Arab Population (1948-2005)
B. Chart


West Bank

Gaza Strip

1948 462,100 82,500

1950* 765,000 240,000

1960 799,000 302,000

1970** 677,000 368,000

1980 964,000 497,000

1985 1,044,000 532,288

1990 1,254,506 642,814

1995 1,626,689 875,231

2000 2,020,298 1,132,063

2005 2,385,615 1,376,289

So what do we see here? The result of 61 years of Zionist genocide against the Palestinian people. That’s right. After 61 years of relentless war crimes, the victim population in the West Bank and Gaza has seen its numbers explode from 544,600 people in 1948 to 3,761,904 in 2005. I know. You’re thinking “What is he going on about?” Well, clearly the Zionist usurpers totally SUCK at Genocide! We didn’t lerarn anything from the Nazis! They killed 6 million Jews in like, less than 5 years. While being at war with the allies! And also while killing all sorts of other people. Now that’s a Genocide you can bank on, whereas our Genocide causes populations to explode! Do you see where I’m getting here?


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