Or something like that.

I’ve just read that Sheraton hotels are giving away free stays on 23rd October. You can register for the offer from 6th to 9th October on Sheraton.com/freenight. Additional nights will cost extra.

The deal is part of a promotional event to boost stays at Sheraton hotels.

Sheraton is part of the Starwood hotels group, which was founded by a Mr Barry Sternlicht. I’d never heard of him before, but that name sounds rather telling to me, so if you’re lucky and get picked for a free night, why not book an extra one? Go and make daddy proud!

Here’s more reading on the offer.

P.S.: If any executive at Starwood wishes to receive even more promotion for almost free, this blogger would be available for flattering posts in exchange for free hotel stays. I’m a passionate traveller, non-smoker, eat with knife and fork, don’t clip my toenails in public areas, and in general won’t make you be embarrassed of me. Nu, are we in for something here?

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