Or something like that.

I’ve just read that Sheraton hotels are giving away free stays on 23rd October. You can register for the offer from 6th to 9th October on Sheraton.com/freenight. Additional nights will cost extra.

The deal is part of a promotional event to boost stays at Sheraton hotels.

Sheraton is part of the Starwood hotels group, which was founded by a Mr Barry Sternlicht. I’d never heard of him before, but that name sounds rather telling to me, so if you’re lucky and get picked for a free night, why not book an extra one? Go and make daddy proud!

Here’s more reading on the offer.

P.S.: If any executive at Starwood wishes to receive even more promotion for almost free, this blogger would be available for flattering posts in exchange for free hotel stays. I’m a passionate traveller, non-smoker, eat with knife and fork, don’t clip my toenails in public areas, and in general won’t make you be embarrassed of me. Nu, are we in for something here?

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  • “Passionate traveler,” eh? Careful. Those hotel walls are paper-thin.

    • I wasn’t going to put up my own interior decoration. 🙂

      BTW, you may keep the second “L” in “traveller”. It’s the British spelling (and more aesthetically pleasing, too).

    • No worries, I’m sufficiently skilled at nailing and screwing and would put everything into its place.

    • If Starwood decides I’m made of awesome and having me subtly promote their hotels in return for free stays is the best thing that could ever have happened to them, will you help me draft the agreement?

  • Sure. It’s always good to have a pre-nup even before getting, uh, involved.

  • Sheesh, get a hotel room already, you two!

    And Tom, feel free to add a virtual signature to my open letter to the Toronto Palestine Film Festival…

  • Middle, I’ll do that. froylein’s been taking up all of my time hyping her ‘Free Polanski’ petition.

  • froylein, you know…. the nailing, screwing, putting things in their rightful place and whatnot.

  • Middle, do you mean commenting on your TFF post, or is there a link to use?

  • Nah, there’s no link. I was kidding, since we’re all nameless around here. It’s hard writing nameless open letters. I think I need to “out” myself.

    Anyway, I meant the Open Letter to the Toronto Palestine Film Festival.