Confession #1: I’m blogging this post almost two days later than I’d promised CK to.

Confession #2: I’ve got a weak spot for British auditioning shows. The contestants seem either more talented or more entertaining than anywhere else.

On this year’s “The X-factor”, Stacey Solomon has made it to the finals. Stacey’s a 20-year-old single mum from Essex. Our research department has confirmed that she, indeed, is a Jewess, and that the spelling “Soloman” of her last name is, indeed, a typo.

As I was watching Stacey’s audition on YouTube the other day, I was amazed by how adorable Stacey is and not at at all like her JAPpy peers in that she pairs real talent – she even managed to make a Coldplay song sound good on the last show – with a heart-warming, shy cuteness.

Here’s the clip of Stacey’s audition:

Here’s Stacey’s fan page

The finals are aired on live TV at ITV next weekend.

Best of luck to Stacey from your newly found fan on Jewlicious!

Update: Commenter Matthew has brought to our attention that Stacey’s brother has put together a new, official website for his sister.

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  • London responds…

    There’s been lots of coverage in the Jewish press over here about Stacey. Personally, I can’t stand the X-Factor, Pop Idol (our equivalent to American Idol) etc. However, it’s always nice to see a fellow M.O.T doing well, so I’m also wishing her good luck.

    For the true London Jewish music fan though, there was only one place to be last night – Matisyahu’s only show in the United Kingdom this year. Absolutely brilliant show, and I also had a nice chat with Jewlicious favourite, Kosher Dillz.

  • Holy cow, she’s great. By the way, that video in the post has been viewed in different permutations at least 7 million times.



    Here’s the Coldplay song:

  • She is Amazing what a voice a true Jewlicious young lady Visit her Only Real site owned by her Brother who has built it with new pics being added all the time some original Stuff plus………..


  • Oh, and Froylein – THIS has been the most popular page on the BBC website – since it was posted:

    What happened to global warming?

    This headline may come as a bit of a surprise, so too might that fact that the warmest year recorded globally was not in 2008 or 2007, but in 1998.

    But it is true. For the last 11 years we have not observed any increase in global temperatures.

    And our climate models did not forecast it, even though man-made carbon dioxide, the gas thought to be responsible for warming our planet, has continued to rise.
    – – – – – – – – – –

    …. start the revolution without me (yawn).

    Of course, the BBC doesn’t mention their own role in hyping this pseudo-science.


  • We’ve experienced a warming of 1.2 degrees Centigrade in northern Germany for instance, but that is not the topic of this post.

    And I suppose the BBC’s good enough for you as long as it doesn’t report on Israel.

  • BBC is significant precisely because of their PC bent – the fact that they (and other mainstream media) are backing away from their certainty on this topic indicates that the facts are slowly prevailing over the posturing…

    The stream of academic dissent has been steadily growing – individual opinions dismissed as “cranks” have now given way to large-scale group dissent by large numbers of scientists – often at climate conferences!

    The data – from the famous “hockey-stick” graph to the temperature measurements – has been exposed as largely fudged or manipulated – in one memorable case, gaps in data were simply plugged with numbers from a previous year.

    Your own statement is an example of the context-less pseudo science that is now being exposed. You’ve experienced a warming of 1.2 degrees – compared to what? Temperatures in the 1960s? Is it a pattern sustained over decades, or just an annual variation of little significance?

    Record, early cold and snow are sweeping North America and much of Asia – so could you please substantiate your claim that temperatures are up in Germany this year?

    Properly skeptical scientists have completely shredded the attempts to match temperature data to rising industrial activity – the lynchpin of the anthropometric argument was shown again and again to be bad science, based on fudged numbers.

    The theories that best fit existing data relate to long-term, stable patterns of oceanic temperature and solar activity.


    700 Scientists sign statement of dissent from UN/IPCC, issue detailed rebuttal:

    Arctic ice twice as thick as expected:

    Danish meteorologists – Arctic temperatures were higher in the 1940s than now:

    Paper published in the joiurnl Science – Atlantic Warming due to Natural Fluctuations:

    Top UK Met Institute: ‘Apocalyptic climate predictions’ mislead the public, say experts:

    (yes, froy – that last one’s from the Guardian!)

    • Well, your hockey stick link, as I’d pointed out before, is anything but scientific. And scientists depending on a system of funding that largely depends on pacifying an electorate that still clings to dying traditional industries is something that should make you ask “cui bono?”.

      The temperature rise in Northern Germany is compared to an 80-year average figure. It has impacted agriculture negatively already.

      But please feel free to educate yourself on how snow comes about and at what temperatures there can be snowfall.
      While you’re at that, please try to figure out from your sources why the subtropical zones, hence drought and salinisation, are expanding even into Southern Europe, how come that there has been an increasing number of tornadoes / hurricanes hitting not only Italy and Greece the past few years but also Central Europe – a thing not even considered possible outside the tropical zones of the US and Southeast Asia in the 1990s, why Australia’s been affected by severe drought, how come plants from Africa are now growing in Central Europe, etc.

      Also, save this for an appropriate thread. This post is about a lovely young lady that happens to sing extraordinarily well and who we wish good luck in the contest she’s currently in.

  • 1) All my links lead to summaries of real scientific papers – including the hockey stick one.
    2) Could you refute one – or are you harking back to a previous item because you can’t refute ANY of them?
    2) Post a thread on this, and I’ll gladly respond – or has the change in scientific opinion left you unwilling to post such an item?

    • I’m not unwilling to refute anything; I’d previously linked you to an article on the very congress your hockey stick source drew from – apparently you didn’t read it as the majority of scientists at that congress held not only different but way more nuanced views. That article was a piece of common news media, not a scientific paper, yet it adhered to more standards of scientific discourse than the cherry-picking propagandist you picked. The hockey stick one is a lousy opinion piece at best.
      As I’ve seen that you never care to read any sources I link to, I’ll save myself the time particularly since I’m getting ready to travel for a bit. I somewhat get the impression that really scientific publications wouldn’t be up your alley anyway. What you linked to were pamphlets, blogposts, declarations, not research papers.

      I post as things come my way and I have the time to post. Additionally, I’ve repeatedly been reprimanded to keep in mind that my posts should have a Jewish topic, and since I doubt you’d want to hear from anybody that environmentalism is a core Jewish value, there’s not much I can do. Blame those that hold my writing to a different standard than others’.

  • Having gotten rid of the vast wasteland that remains of network and cable television years ago, I’m glad I can rely on Jewlicious to keep me informed of these things by posting videos like that. Thanks!

  • I know this is the wrong thread for this comment, this is just a comment pasted from a jewish dating forum…. no research papers to prove it I would say its just someones take on the issue….

    personally I am extremely skeptical about the global warming manipulation theory that is simply used by governments to extract taxes from an unsuspecting target. environmental responsibility is one thing and is true that is fully supported in halacha. but the cause and effect of industry on the climate is at best a theory and at worst a cruel ploy to exploit people.

    “But the fact is that average temperatures worldwide have been declining for much of the past decade. Temperatures are naturally cyclical. The middle ages were warmer than now. And if not for man-made pollution in the atmosphere, the sun’s current closer proximity to the earth would be burning us up to the point that it would likely be dangerous to go outside during the day. The Global Warming myth is all about the Global Warming industry. The real science (and climate history) is being suppressed or the data manipulated by the Global Warming lobby, most deliberately by the UN. They are manipulating our perceptions that are heightened by the speed of global communications, which means we see a natural disaster somewhere in the world on a regular basis. Where I live they have just approved what they tout as a world-leading Emissions Trading Scheme, which is already costing households more money, and when in full swing has been estimated will cost the average household as much as an extra NZ$19,000 a year. Oh well, at least the UN will achieve one of its goals, which is to decrease the disparity between rich and poor, by making most people in the West much poorer. And many more of those on low incomes will find themselves homeless, so will be able to film just how much they’ve closed the gaps when they appeal to Asian and African people to sponsor Western children.”

    • Rebbe, such comments are indeed problematic to draw from as sources. In this case, even the initial statement that the Middle Ages were warmer than it is today is incorrect. Much of the shortcomings in agriculture during the Middle Ages had to do with lower tempertatures that made for worse and fewer harvests. Also, eco-science and eco-technology are industries that do have a future, so investing towards those is investing in more jobs as the traditional industries are on the decline and / or being outsourced to take-off countries.

  • Wow I absolutely love this girl! I had no idea she was Jewish until my niece told me recently. I really hope she wins. I have even set up a website about her! Looking forward to this Saturday’s show, big band week. Does anyone know what she’s going to sing?

    Feel free to come and post comments on my site whenever you like. Here’s a link to get there Stacey Solomon

    • B-D, those temperatures aren’t in any way newsworthy (“Spiegel” is the kind of mag my parents use to refer to as “Mickey Mouse for adults”) as they come about on the very rare but possible occasion that we get hit from winds coming from the north / northeast in the winter while we usually get wind from the west. Climate refers to long-term observations of precipitation, temperatures and winds; weather refers to those factors observed over a couple of days, atmospheric condition refers to those factors observed over a couple of hours. There’s nothing unusual, exciting, or even scientifically deducable to get out of the rare event that the wind blows from another direction than usually. These are rare, single momenta that only can come about under rare, single conditions. This has got nothing whatsoever to do with “climate”; this is “weather” at best, “atmospheric condition” in most cases.

      Now get your kids’ geography books and refresh your knowledge of climatology.

      In the meantime, I’d appreciate if you stopped “hijacking” this thread for driving your agenda. It is not only rude towards me but towards our readers and particularly towards the lovely young lady this post / threat is / should be about. You’ve been told above and I’m telling you again.

  • 1) Uh-huh, riiiight – like the rest of us don’t know what Die Spiegel is.

    2) And I’ve told you already – make a post and I’ll comment there. Cat got your tongue?

    • Der Spiegel is not a high-quality publication by German standards. You could as well be reading Wikipedia entries to obtain an MD.

      My cat didn’t get my tongue. Told you above, I post as it pleases me and the topic fits Jewlicious. Till then, you have a lot of reading to do on the basics of climatology, so that should keep you busy till I find an appropriate topic to blog about.

  • OK I just have to say it – every time I see this post my brain tells me the following:

    “Calling London, Calling France, Calling Froylein’s underpants.”

    I don’t even know what this means. And I can’t stop it. How does one even go about calling underpants? Someone please help me…

    Oh and Solomon is amazing!