With special guests Girls In Trouble

2 Panels from Photo Stroll, Eli Valley's most recent cartoon

2 Panels from Photo Stroll, Eli Valley's most recent cartoon

Our little buddy Eli Valley is performing with JDub Records’ Sway Machinery in a show that will (somehow) combine Sway Machinery’s punk-and-blues-infused cantorial music and Valley’s abrasive, fiercely secular, diasporist cartoons (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I seriously have no idea how this is going to go down, but I am certain it will be something worth experiencing. Sway Machinery is this crazy all-star collective featuring guitarist Jeremiah Lockwood of Balkan Beat Box, Brian Chase of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s on drums, Stuart Bogie and Jordan McLean of the Antibalas horn section on tenor saxophone and trumpet respectively, and touring member of the Arcade Fire Colin Stetson on bass saxophone. Bad ass right? Check out the video of Sway Machinery in action:

…and if you go, do me a favor. Just one little favor. Would you please for fuck’s sake dance??

Also on the bill is yet another JDub Records act, Girls in Trouble. Fronted by violinist Alicia Jo Rabins, all I can say is be prepared to be impressed.

Anyhow, the show is taking place at Joe’s Pub, located at 425 Lafayette in New York (duh) and you can order tickets online by clicking here. All that bad assedness is only $15 – so don’t be a cheap bastard. Go and give Eli Valley a big fat kiss from me and all the Zionists. The show is presented by The Forward and the Foundation for Jewish Culture.

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