interI wish the newly-wed couple mazal and bracha. And while I was not asked to perform the wedding (the venerable Rabbi Haskel Lookstein had that honor) I figured that I would pen a small speech that could have been said under the giant chuppah:

Ivanka and Jared we are proud to be with you today as you join together as husband and wife. The chuppah that we stand under today is open on all sides. Some say that this reminds a couple that their home should be open to guests as the home of the first Jewish couple, Abraham and Sarah. It’s a beautiful custom that I hope you will follow.

Today, an open chuppah also reminds us that we live in a society that is transparent, open source, one click away from Twitter or Facebook.

With the world’s media focused on the life you choose to live, you are in a perfect position to bring renewal and meaning to the Jewish community. You can celebrate Jewish holidays and values while inspiring the world. Make a Chanukah party benefiting orphans, create a Tu B’Shvat Seder with a local organic farm, build shelters for the homeless before Sukkot. Create a Yom Hatzmaut event that let’s us feel what a miracle it is to have a Jewish state.

Ivanka and Jared – your love and devotion to each other will be infused with holiness and blessing, and you and your childrens’ lives imbued with meaning and fulfillment, by weaving Judaism into the fabric of your new life. May you be blessed to build a faithful Jewish home that inspires the Jewish people and the world.

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  • Does it bother you that her conversion happened faster then for someone not named trump with the money she had, or because he is a kushner and has the money he has?
    That this conversion was for marriage and happened so easly because of money?
    That in the photo above you can’t see Jared covering his head? or that her dress is just barely tzanuah?
    This whole thing has stunk for a while.

  • Nice sentiments, I suppose, but do you honestly think that this couple – and certainly Ivanka – gives a hoot about anything Jewish? Like the previous comment notes: this thing/conversion stinks. Rabbi Lookstein has lost any and all credibility after this one.

  • Every couple under the chuppah have the chance to start with a brand new slate, a new life with new priorities.

    As far as the time it takes for one conversion or another, it is not my point or place here to comment. She converted, had a Jewish kosher wedding, has committed to living a Jewish life with her Jewish husband.

    Jared is not an convict, his father was.

    As far as the level of their commitment – well I think I addressed that in my speech.

  • She spent over a year converting.
    He hebrew name is Yael.
    Lets try and be a welcoming group of people.

  • I thought this column was a joke when I first read it. How can anyone in their right mind believe that Ivanka had a valid Orthodox conversion? Judaism has always been for sale. As long as your rich and semi-famous you can “become a Jew” in a split second just to marry your billionare fiance.

    Ivanka did not have a real conversion, did not have a Jewish kosher wedding, nor has committed to living a Jewish life. Ivanka is a fraud just like her unethical daddy.

  • One year is fine to convert fellas…. actually according to MAMASH (real) Jewish law one just had to go to a mikva and BOOM he was Jewish – today we want people to study and learn about being Jewish which is fine – but the letter of the law tells us that a Mikva is fine…. We have to welcome her into the fold and show the world we are loving people and shed light onto the world – LETAKEN OLAM BEMALCHUT SHADAI! and only this will bring goodness followed by the Mashiach … speaking bad about people will just have the opposite affect.

  • All best to you both. I do not care about Ivana’s quick conversion.. I would rather refer to: “… a miracle it is to have a Jewish state.” PLS. do make ANOTHER miracle..since your state was handed to you, do MAKE PALESTINIAN state too

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