So this is something that I came upon by accident which I felt needed to be shared. Does anyone know when the deadline for submission is for a Nobel Peace Prize ? The first of February. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen; Obama was nominated for the Prize just 10 days into his Presidential career. If that is not a blatant attempt by European policy makers (and yes, policy makers is the right word because the committee which hands out the Nobel Prize for Peace, unlike other Nobel committees, is comprised of Norwegian Parliamentarians, and not experts) to interfere in American policy making, I’m not really sure what is.

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  • ‘interfere in policy making’? A tad paranoid? What policies of the US government would you say have been interfered with as a result of awarding him this prize?

  • i agree w/muffti. if you’d said they wanted to influence US foreign policy, i could buy that better than “interfere”

    i’m figuring they want to influence obama’s iran policy. maybe dahlia’s upset norway’s interfering w/israeli efforts to influence obama on iran?

    • X, I’m not the only European that has repeatedly encountered severe misconceptions among US Americans of what Europe and the European political landscape are like.

      Just consider, a friend of mine who spent a year abroad at a college over there was invited to his roommate’s for Thanksgiving. His roommate’s mother led my friend to the fridge, put a hand on his shoulder, opened the fridge door and asked my friend if they’d already had such devices in Europe.