Today, U.S. President Barack Obama won the Nobel Prize for Peace. According to the Nobel Committee, he was awarded the prize for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

I find this interesting. As CK puts it, “[even though] I’m not a right wing fascist like you are, I’m a little bit surprised.” (No, I’m not a right wing fascist). But, here’s the thing, I believe that the Nobel prize ought to be awarded for great things. For example, this year’s Nobel Prize for chemistry being awarded to Ada Yonath was right on the mark. But Obama? Now don’t ge me wrong, this is not a bash Obama piece. But what has Obama done in his less than one year as President to warrant a Nobel Prize? Has he brought peace to he Middle East? No. Has he stopped Iran’s nuclear ambitions and prevented them from gaining nuclear weapons? No. Has he perhaps brought peace and security to the AfPak border? No, (though he has called for increased Taliban participation in the Afghani government). So what has he done? Yes, he made some nice European-like overtures; he spoke kindly to the international Muslim community, he has been harder on Israel than his predecessor, he’s made some semi-hard handed comments to Iran. But what has he done? Let’s be honest – nothing.

Thank you Nobel Prize Committee for awarding the most ridiculous Nobel Prize for Peace since 1994, when you awarded one to the terrorist leader Yasser Arafat. Well done and kudos!

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