Jewish students kicked at middle school in Florida.

There are disturbing accusations of anti-Semitism at a Collier County school. Ten students are serving suspensions for their roles in what was called “Kick a Jew Day” at North Naples Middle.

We talked to one student Monday who said this was happening all over school. We also talked to several parents who are flat-out furious….

According to the Collier County School District, 10 students were suspended for their roles in “Kick a Jew Day” last week….

The 10 students involved received one-day in-school suspension and the school had conferences with their parents….

Until further notice, the school will take the first 20 minutes of the day and focus on character traits instead of the usual reading and tutoring time

Reminds me of the Running of the Jews in Borat.

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  • Are the angry parents the Jewish parents or the non-Jewish parents, or both?

    At least it wasn’t Israel Apartheid Day.

  • I would call this more teenagers being major idiots than anti-Semitism. I read an article yesterday about a red-haired kid being kicked on “Kick a Ginger Day”. Not that it makes it much better.

  • Ugh — this is the kind of news that makes me hide my head in shame being a born and raised Floridian. Dude, i can’t win with these posts recently…

  • I am not a Jew but how stupid is this. If this were so…then why not have a Kick A Caucassian day…or a Kick a Negro day to?

  • When I was in high school, we had LICK a JEW day. But no one got suspended. You know what they say, Once you lick a person who is Jewish, you never feel Bluish

    • I thought the saying was “Once you lick a Jew, your balls will never be blue.” At least that’s what they said in my neck of the woods…

  • This only reinforces the stereotype of weak Jews when parents and not the victims fight back. In a perfect world, it would be “Break a F***ing Nose if You Get Kicked on Kick a Jew Day”. You’ll never stop kids from being dumb kids but you can sure make the consequences too high. I’ll bet there’s no Kick a Black Kid Day in any school I’ve been to.

  • Alex K is right, but then there would be world wide coverage criticizing the Jewish kids for the imbalanced response. The Jewish kids would be expected to negotiate, or give over their lunches. No, nowadays there would be no Kick a Black day but i bet there was back in these bullies’ parents’ day in Florida till they started kicking back

  • We tried to have a KICK a Jew Day a few years ago, but there were several meetings to discuss who is a Jew and how to define a Jew, and the various levels of religious observance, and whether it mattered if a student’s father or mother or a grandparent is Jewish. It became very complicated, and we ended up postponing the event to await the results of subcommittee findings. Then everyone lost interest

  • in naples fla,.. the question is.. who is the NON-Jew available to do the kicking of the jewish kids?..
    there are probably about 80% jewish kids in the class, while the remainder are cuban, so are 2-3 cuban kids somehow manhandling a class almost certainly full of wealthy jewish kids? Something in this story is more than a little fishy..
    sounds like one kid got kicked by one other kid and now its being marketed by abe foxman as ‘kristalnacht redux’.

    the median income for a family in the area is $102,262.. I doubt that the trailer-dwelling klan or meanie redneck stereotypes are underwriting some ‘community jew hunt’ here- But lets not let that interfere with good old fashion whipping up of a false media hysteria.

  • First of all, kick a negro day would result in someone getting shot. Try it and see. And Rather than sensitivity training, why not teach these kids to stand up to would be aggressors collectively? Why are we so timid as to suggest that “Kick a Jew” day shouldn’t be met with ” Touch me and I will beat you to a pulp with 10 of my Jewish friends” day. Kids would learn quick to Respect not just because its the right thing to do, but because its in their best interests to do so.

  • the one thing no one is explaining is their is a higher pct. of jewish kids in naples fl. than in crown heights for G-d’s sake!
    this would be believable almost anywhere else, but there is no way that this is legit in a overwhelmingly jewish area unless most of the school is sitting around getting kicked.
    sorry, this is total BS. I would buy the brooklyn bridge from you before I would be stupid enough to believe this story as its being told. this kind of nonsense creates a ‘ boy who cried wolf’ scenario unfortunately when cases of real antisemitism occur as no one believes the real case when phony cases have preceded.

  • Jews should be kicked more often because all they do is whine about the Holohaux and all the dirty jews try to do is promote multi-culterism every where but where they live. Want to hear something great you fucking no good jews? Obama is now forcing a community in West Chester New York to live with section 8 housing. Isn’t life great? I will do whatever it takes the rest of my life to make life harder for the jews because i HATE them so fucking much.

  • Ever notice how the Idiotcracy of Stormfront can’t spell or put together a coherent, grammatical sentence in English? I guess the pre-requisite for being an “Aryan” racist is an IQ of about 85…or maybe hate is the result of some white genetic learning disability.

  • Hey “Die Jew” how about posting your address you ignorant coward???? I’d love to come down there and kick the living shit out of you. James, you are correct, these kids should get together and beat the living crap out of these Nazis.

  • I’m amazed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s equally educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is an issue that too few men and women are speaking intelligently about. I’m very happy that I came across this in my search for something concerning this.

  • Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I located it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!

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