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  • Meh. It just goes to show how meaningless and feel good the song is if broadcast television is using it for a spiritual message in an Olympics commercial.

  • In terms of composition it goes over as one of the stronger in the album based on the few times I’ve listen through it . . . but the message is very watered down.

  • I don’t look for messages in my music. When I seek wisdom, I figure I can head over to the variety store at the corner where the Middle-Eastern owner has seen his share of shit in life. Now that guy knows a thing or two. And he’s humble and never tries to dance.

    Musicians can be poets, but most of the time they aren’t and looking for them to be life guides can lead to some disturbing after-effects.

  • I’ve kind of lot some respect for Matisyahu.I thought he was against the whole commercial aspect of the business.That does not mean I will stop listening to his music.I just don’t want to wake up one day (pun intended)and hear his music being used to sell dandruff shampoo or G-D forbid woman products.Yeah I know the olympics is about world peace blah blah blah.But it has become one big commercial itself.Lets not forget all the poor who are displaced and lose what little they do have.For what,a couple of weeks of products pushing and were better than you BS 6-10 years down the line.This concludes my rant for the day.Thank you for listening

  • What exactly is watered down about the message? And how would you know?

  • Perhaps he thought that by allowing his song to be broadcast on this venue, his message might reach thousands (maybe millions) of people that would not normally have been able to hear it. Perhaps he thought that if his message changed even one life for the better, it would far outweigh the risk of being labeled a sellout on http://www.jewlicious.com by you or I.

  • I think it’s really inspirational. It’s a great song with a sincere and uplifting message. The people that criticize this action are the ones that the song is trying to speak to. He’s talking about ridding the world of hate and strife, yet here are some of his “fans” creating conflict over the use of a song. Listen to the song again. And really listen to it this time.

    This is such a great honor for him.

  • I think that being a “light unto the nations” can take many forms. I commend Matisyahu for doing something different. Not only is he showing that being a Baal Teshuvah can be cool to younger Jews, he is showing the rest of the world that the Jewish people are still relevant in today’s world. May he go from strength to strength.

  • Although I have been liking Matisyahu’s music less and less with every new release, I’m happy he has found commercial and financial success. The person who first said art and money shouldn’t mix was either talentless or a sucker or both.