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Spotted in Wheat Ridge, Colorado: The billboard above, insinuating that President Obama is in some way tied to Jihadists and the Fort Hood shootings. The manager of Wolf Interstate Leasing defended the billboard displayed on their premises by claiming that the words “We are a christian nation” appear in the constitution.

sadklanSo yeah. Keep in mind then that if you believe any of those batshit Obama conspiracy theories, this is who your ideological partners are. Nice. Speaking of batshit, down in Oxford, Mississipi, the local Klansmen are not so happy. They marched today in protest of the University of Mississipi’s decision to eliminate the song “From Dixie with Love” from the school’s band lineup. Performed before at home football games, fans would respond to the song by chanting “The South will Rise Again!” In defense of the students at Ole Miss, when the Klan rallied, they were confronted by an angry crowd of students that sent the Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan packing after 15 minutes. But still. Someone was chanting that shit at football games.

Just another fun filled weekend in America.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • “if you believe any of those batshit Obama conspiracy theories, this is who your ideological partners are”

    More like, if you believe that sentence, you should question why you feel fit to speak on political matters at all. Do you miss the irony in your own guilt by association deductions, CK?

    CK, there is no single ideology or even conspiracy behind those of us who simply question the overt contradictions in Obama’s official biography, let alone the long list of basic documents which have been withheld from the public. Is there a single ideology which we can credit for your naivety, disinterest, or flat our ignorance? That Jewschool arrogance is getting tired.

    • I don’t care what your particular ideological orientation is. If you think Obama had any hand in the massacre at Ft. Hood then you are batshit crazy. As for the questions regarding Obama’s religion – I never gave a damn. Ever. And lord knows, the only thing we ask of Americans, Jewish or otherwise, is to be good, informed citizens and not blindly follow any politician when attempting to determine what is in the best of interest of the country at large. if Obama merits criticism, then criticize! Always be intelligently critical when it comes to civic and governmental issues.

  • (evoking the name of jewschool was probably unfair. what else do we call that brand of faulty logic which attempts to shame jews into following a party line of supposedly liberal politics?)

    • I think CK makes sense as the underlying paranoia and stupidity found among racists crosses all splinter groups’ ideological borders.

  • Wheatridge is a really scary place.It is like being in a town of people who make Sarah Palin look like a bleeding heart liberal.

  • I’m jsut curious as to the etymology of the expression “Batshit Crazy”. Best explanation I could find was here: http://therebuker.wordpress.com/2008/08/14/batshit-crazy

    “it wouldn’t be too improbable to guess that Vikings were running around Northern Europe describing last night’s pillaging as totally ‘bakke-skite.'”



    My thought for the day:
    For every dipshit wacky enough to pick up a gun and start shooting at his fellow men indiscriminately, there’ll be at least a dozen kukus a year who’ll rationalize said dipshit’s actions with bat-shit conspiracy theories.
    Interestingly, more often than not said kukus are relatively web-savvy and very inclined to share their personal brand of kukiness with netizens everywhere.

  • Obama’s efforts to paper over the jihadist nature of the Ft. Hood incident, so as not to be blamed for the first terror attack on US soil since 9/11, should not be confused with involvement in the attack itself. Just the coverup.

    And far from being a Muslim, Obama’s the best friend Israel’s ever had in the White House– just like his endorsers here at Jewlicious promised us he’d be.

  • Um, do you have a link or evidence for the statement “Obama’s the best friend Israel’s ever had in the White House– just like his endorsers here at Jewlicious promised us he’d be?”

    Are you talking about MUL?

    Good luck with the search.

  • Middle, I’m sick and tired of being ridiculed by you whenever I try to stick up for the president.

    • Tom, will you send me a holiday card this year? I’ll send you one, too. (I promise not to draw any Klansmen on it.)

  • “If you think Obama had any hand in the massacre at Ft. Hood then you are batshit crazy.”

    Or maybe it’s batshit crazy to interpret that billboard as even making such a claim?

    Or how about taking that same batshit crazy interpretation, and using it as the basis to stifle Jewish dissent towards Obama’s soft policies against Arab/Muslim extremism?

    Finally, How dare you make a moral equivalency to the Klan? Jewlicious should really rethink some of the contributors here.

    • I think Jewlicious should rather rethink some of the commenters here. CK is Jewlicious.

      The billboard sign depicts Obama on top, once plain, once in a turban, asking “President or Jihad?”.
      On the bottom, the sign says, “Prove it!” and, “WAKE UP [sic] AMERICA ![sic] REMEMBER FT. HOOD ![sic]”

      How much delusion does it take to not read the billboard sign as linking President Obama to the Ft. Hood shootings?

  • Again, where did anyone “BLAME” Obama for the event?

    Why waste your breath typing a summation that skips past the giant leap of flawed logic you took?

    Seriously, assigning racism to anyone questioning Obama’s biography or allegiances is lazy and offensive. There are dozens of questions about his biography that neither you Froylein, or CK, could answer if asked… and I’m not talking about the birth certificate issue. Would your inability to answer be out of racism? How about your disinterest?

    The bigotry is your attack on those of us with the common sense to care that we’ve been blatantly lied to, or that watching a President who is an apostate, kowtowing to our enemies is in our best favor.

  • Redcake, you’re failing to address the issue that indeed, the depicted billboard sign is racist as it resorts to stereotypes and links a person to a crime based on their assumed religious adherence. Were you to possess the knowledge and intelligence you are trying to pretend you do, you’d know that no Muslim would ever admit conversion to a different faith unless he really meant it as he would be well-aware this would put him in very low regard among his “co-religionists”.

    There is obvious racism in the billboard sign just as the Klan stands for an attitude that qualifies as racist.

    I certainly don’t know any bit and piece about Obama’s biography, but as you admit, neither do you. I just don’t fill the gaps with conspiracy theories.

    And while I cannot keep you from commenting here and while I cannot make you stop harbouring ideas that I not only consider harmful to you but society as a whole, I can advise you to keep your shtuss to yourself. As Lincoln said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  • I’m with Redcake. The Palin commentator above is just par for the course of American Jewish political criticism.

  • Tom, greatly appreciated. Maybe I’ll manage this year to FedEx you a box of homemade cookies and chocolate truffles.

    Sashka, this is not criticism, this is slander. You know quite well that I’ve been critical of Obama where others haven’t, but to just make up stuff is not only unconvicing but makes critics lose any credibility. The racist motivation is quite apparent. There are no excuses for that.

  • “it resorts to stereotypes and links a person to a crime based on their assumed religious adherence.”

    Yet, you’re unable to articulate where or how the sign does that.

    It’s your own distortions and guilt that reads it that way. Check yourself.

    Also, it’s dishonest to say the event isn’t religiously linked, either in the killers mind, or the climate which allowed warning signs to be ignored. Why else would you think labeling Obama with the Jihad tag suggests guilt for Ft. Hood? Jihad doesn’t mean what you think it does, as all Muslims practice some form of Jihad.

    Political satire questioning Obama’s allegiances, and diinterest in protecting our country as it exists, against Islamic terrorism is not in and of itself racist.

    “you’d know that no Muslim would ever admit conversion to a different faith unless he really meant it as he would be well-aware this would put him in very low regard among his “co-religionists”.”

    You mean “low regard”, like this billboard?

    Obama practiced Black Liberation Theology, which is the Christian equivalent of the Nation of Islam’s beliefs in Islam. It wasn’t simply a “Black Church”, it was a supremacist sect which coopted elements of Christianity through replacement theology, as an answer to the popularity of a pre-Mecca Malcolm X. Look it up.
    Maybe you’ll start to understand why CK’s post was so out of line.

  • Again. I’m with Redcake (whom I remember from israelforum days). F*** Barack Hussein Obama and the dumb Jews who jock him. Christian, Muslim, or plain socialist politician – which is his religion- he’s a treasonist bastard who Im happy to watch fail an hopefully get impeached.

  • Can we ban alexk like we banned CTC? They both sound like different sides of the same coin.

    • Joshua, Alexk often takes sabbaticals from us on his own. Although you make an interesting point: is this kind of animosity towards particular groups any different than the anti-Semitic hostility displayed by CTC?

    • We’re not banning Alexk. Although I often disagree with him, he is sincere, well meaning and a welcome commenter. Even though he is mostly wrong 😉
      Sorry Alexk… but I did end that sentence with a smiley face so it’s all good!

  • What did AlexK say in this thread to express animosity towards any groups at all?

    Is this the Twilight Zone?

  • Yeah, I was a little coarse on the last post. I’ll try to keep it civil. I still can’t believe Jews would support Obama in any way, and apparently, some will go as far as to limit dissent like Joshua, which I thought was “patriotic” over a year ago, when they were expressing their similar hatred to all things George Bush. Luckily, the bloggers here, although mostly wrong :), are open to various opinions. Smiley face back at ya!

  • I still have friends that live in Colorado.For folks that do not know Wheatridge is a suburb of Denver.They found out these people are responsible for the sign.MSR Productions im not including a link.If you want do a google search and check it out yourself.But i warn you it is nothing but a White Power site that sells tshirts,cds,etc.

  • Okay, so say that turns out to be the case – it’s a billboard from a white power group…
    …It’s still a massive leap in logic to say that Jews who do not support Obama fully, based on question his allegiances/biography are somehow in bed with the Klan.

    • It is not questioning his biography; it is slandering a person against all better accessible knowledge based on rumours, prejudices and stereotypes, which can be summed up as racism.

    • redcake. Dude. You don’t HAVE to support Obama at all! You can be critical to whatever degree your conscience and your intellect dictate. There’s nothing at all wrong with that. But if one were to say that Obama is a secret Jihadist who orchestrated the Ft. hood massacre, one would be as batshit insane as those racists in Colorado. It’s a pretty simple proposition, and one I’m sure a reasonable person like yourself can agree with.

  • How about saying “Obama didn’t have anything to do with Ft Hood, but afterwards downplayed and avoided the truth of the Ft Hood attacks by refusing to call it terrorism and/or inspired by Jihad.”? The reasons he did that are still certainly up for debate and I think there is enough historical context to suggest that his connection to cultural (father) and political (Farrakhan, Khalidi, Wright) are certainly there.

  • Oops, forgot Islam. Cultural and Political Islam. And Jews who try to be objective and “stay above the fold” may feel better about themselves but are acting in a contradictory and dangerous fashion, IMO of course.

  • “But if one were to say that Obama is a secret Jihadist who orchestrated the Ft. hood massacre,”

    Yet, the billboard doesn’t imply that.

    It’s intellectually dishonest to lambast Jews people with a moral equivalency based on a scarecrow argument. It was an indefensible shoddy post.

    Hey Froylein….is it because of race that you aren’t joining it, questioning why the following documents haven’t been released?….

    Occidental College records
    Columbia College records
    Columbia Thesis paper
    Harvard College records
    Selective Service Registration
    Medical records
    Illinois State Senate records
    Illinois State Senate schedule
    Law practice client list
    A Certified Copy of your original Birth certificate
    Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth
    Harvard Law Review articles that were published
    University of Chicago scholarly articles
    Record of baptism
    Obama/Dunham marriage license
    Soetoro/Dunham marriage license
    Soetoro adoption records
    Punahou School records
    Fransiskus Assisi School School application
    Passport (Pakistan)

    Froylein, is it because of *prejudice* that you are pretending Obama didn’t attend a Black Nationalist political church?

    Is it a *stereotype* to acknowledge that half of Obama’s roots are both Arab, and Islamic? He’s not the child of a family brought to America on a slave ship, and persecuted – he’s the product of privilege, the son of an African exchange student with an Ivy Degree circa the civil rights era, and elite government positions in Kenya.
    Is it possible you can’t see beyond the *stereotypes* to acknowledge that?

    By the way, none of this is *rumor*, nor is it a *rumor* that Obama made it a priority to give a shout out to Dr. Joe Medicine Crow before addressing the tragic events of Ft. Hood…or that the White House has discouraged even an investigation into the event.


    Yet, you think it’s okay to compare someone who questions all this, to a Klansman?
    Wow. Who libeling who? Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

  • Redcake, I’ve been sufficiently critical of Obama’s policies or lack thereof, but I find it utterly ridiculous that you lament not having access to documents that, as it was on the news, were made available to those that qualified or that respectively have been openly published from their inception.

    Also, you still refuse to see how the billboard sign resorts to prejudices and stereotypes that qualify as racist. It is not questioning anything in a proper manner that could be expected from informed, democratic citizens.

    I’ve neither ever pretended Obama didn’t attend a Black Nationalist church nor have I denied any of the consequent matters, so please stop lying so boldly. By doing that, you’ve lost any credibility whatsoever.

    I shall also ask you to refrain from subtle threats directed against me (re: your last line).

    Not only do I find your line of reasoning nothing worth entertaining myself with but also do I find your English to be substandard and annoying to read from a grammatical and stylistic point of view. I work full-time and do not care too much for spending time on such a pseudo-conversation.

  • Speaking of lost credibility… Obama claims his Senate rschedule never existed, and other missing records were thrown out… http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1107/6821.html
    So what are you talking about? The questions are endless at that… I mean, why do we have Obama’s parents divorce papers available, and not the marriages?

    So address the point, already. How is it racist to wonder? How does this make me akin to a Klansman? How can you tie that into a billboard you think is racist, though you can’t articulate why? I mean, do you even know why you’re cheerleading such divisive race-card baiting?

    p.s. You’re either culturally vapid, or outright nutty if you think anyone made a threat against you, subtle or not. “Check yourself before you wreck yourself” means evaluate yourself because you’re your own worst enemy. Ask Melle Mel.

  • Sorry, my interests don’t dwell in the depths of pop-culture.

    It is not racist to wonder, to be critical of Obama and to ask questions. It is, however racist, to make assumptions about his fitness for office and political inclinations based on his family background and alleged religious affiliation. Otherwise hardly any person in the US would be fit to run for office.

    That said, if you still don’t get the distinction, you’ve got a lot to catch up in the department of logics.

    If something walks like a racist duck, quacks like a racist duck, reasons like a racist duck and holds the same resentments as a racist duck, it’s unlikely to be a swan.

  • Froylein,

    Sorry, but I just wanted to point out that “Check yo-self before you wreck yo-self” is almost identical to Ayn Rand’s “Check your premises.” and hardly a threat. And although the billboard has caricatures drawn in a racist fashion, I don’t think any of the points redcake raises qualify as racist. Perhaps slightly conspiracy theory-ish but not racist. In fact, the term racist has practically lost all meaning in our post-racial era. Every criticism about Obama has been called racist by some pundit or other to the point where I expect to be called one or known as one. And yes, it sure as hell matters that Obama has Muslim roots. Not that he can’t physically perform his duties but that he may have bias against the US based on mainstream Muslim cultural beliefs. What’s wrong with saying or thinking that?

    • Tying one’s assessment of a person to a pre-conceived (ill-informed and over-generalising) notion of that person’s faith or ethnicity is racist, no matter how you bend it.

      Wrecking and premises are two different matters altogether. I don’t care how a person wants to read a line; given it was out of context, I’ll read it in the context it was put into. That last line-reference, BTW, did not only refer to the last sentence but to the last line. Had I meant “sentence”, I’d have written “sentence”.

  • Ok. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. And I guess I’m a racist. Totally fine with that.

  • No. I believe Froylein implied that my line of reasoning was racist. It’s OK. It’s just her opinion after all, nothing more. It’s not like she’s Oprah or some Columbia professor that thinks they have total moral authority or anything. 🙂

  • I never really cared much for Obama,not a big fan.Butyou do not have to respect the man but you respect the rank!I have a question?Everyone is always saying he went to a racist church for many years.What i want to know,what about all the presidents that were members of racist golf clubs churchs etc.Where is the outrage there.Another question,why do people always say the jews put Obama in the white house?The jewish vote counted for less than two percent of the totals votes he received.I also think certain people need to stop watching Alex Jones movies.

  • Sashka, everybody’s racist to some degree. From birth on, we make distinctions and sort people into “mine” and “them”. The “bad” racism starts when your prejudices make you have negative views about a person based on their ethnicity, background or religious adherence.
    That kind of thinking is most likely to be found in people that grew up in families with verbally / emotionally abusive fathers and verbally / emotionally as well as physically abusive mothers. So, is there anything you’d like to share with us? 😀
    And, are we still in for shashlik?

  • “It is, however racist, to make assumptions about his fitness for office and political inclinations based on his family background and alleged religious affiliation”

    Obama mentions his family background, and unique experience, and religious affiliations in every important speech he makes. No honest discussion of his qualifications is complete without evaluating the credibility of his biography which he has put front and center.

    Anyway Froylein, I think you just admitted to growing up in an abusive home, so perhaps we should go easy on you.