Another Ideal Chanukah Gift Idea!

The Gods Of Fire‘s Chanukah album, Hanukkah Gone Metal is not some cheesy exploitation thing. It is a sincere homage to both Chanukah (however the hell it’s spelled in English) and classic 70’s Heavy Metal.

Seth Diamond of Gods Of Fire, wrote of this album in a recent piece in Jewcy:

The initial ideas flowed quickly. It would be eight songs, one for each night. We would keep our versions of “Oh Hanukkah” and “Havenu Shalom Aleichem,” and write six songs of our own. Each song would represent a significant part of the holiday. Then the hard part started. How do you stay true to your Metal roots while writing about gelt or frying up latkes? Also what should the record sound like? I wasn’t comfortable staying exclusively in the realm of traditional Metal. I knew we needed to do something special. We were making a holiday record for *our* people and *our* culture. And then I started humming some melodies I remembered from Shul. I picked up the guitar and cranked up the distortion. The sounds of the synagogue were PERFECT for Heavy Metal. Then I made some calls. I can get a clarinet player, and a trumpet player too! Not only could I have a Klezmer feel on a few songs, but I can have the sounds as well! Suddenly the vision and the sound came together quickly. We were truly going to make a JEWISH METAL album. One foot in each culture, co-existing peacefully. Admittedly some of the songs are very American and conventional, but I hope the more Judaic songs could serve as a bridge to help someone else connect with their history, and learn more about Hanukkah or Klezmer. I don’t know if Gods of Fire will make another religious album, but the sounds and the melodies of our faith are here to stay.

Some might take umbrage with this project, but as Diamond mentioned, this is not a Jewish Stryper. This is the real thing. You can purchase the CD on Amazon OR you can send an email to [email protected]. On the 6th night of Hanukah we’ll select 3 lucky random winners to receive a free CD! This is in keeping with our traditional super easy contest policy. But don’t be a cheap bastard! Buy the CD – or we’ll uh… bite off the head of a chicken and stick it in a latke!

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