… of how long I’ve wanted to post this particular song on Jewlicious if only just to see the typical suspects whine about my bad influence on their otherwise splendidly isolated cultural self-concept. Now, the British X-factor has given me an occasion to post that track for good reason.


Even though I’m not quite certain how this contest is structured as I already expected the finals to be weeks back, and actually, I don’t care at all as I’ve already picked my favourite, please keep your fingers crossed (starred?) for Stacey Solomon.
She did a great performance of Dusty Springfield’s Son of a Preacherman and again, as over the past few weeks, she’s received criticism by Simon Cowell that, I think, was not always necessarily justified. Sooooooo, a little bit of googling helped me to understand the dynamics behind this. Guess who’s patrilineal?
Therefore, Stacey, just pretend Simon Cowell’s a Jewish mother. He must nag. 🙂

However, before I start musing about how Simon Cowell would look in a fitted black outfit, I rather suggest you watch Stacey’s performance:

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  • I watched her performance (and also a prior one). She’s very attractive, but I think her voice lacks range. Still, she’s quite good.

    • She covers more octaves while singing than Amy Winehouse, that’s for sure. 🙂
      I actually like that she’s got a distinctive voice / key.

  • I love stacey! i’m a BIG BIG fan, i think stacey is amazing and is a brillinat singer dont give up! i wish i could meet here lol i love what she wears (weird ino but its true haha) i think you’ve she has a great personality, everyweek i watch the X factor Just to see here performance, thanks for entertaining me. I LOVE YOU! good luck xx