Anybody who has ever needed to motivate a group of people and get them to work as a team knows that one of the easiest ways of achieving just that is to make out a common enemy.

AFP reports via Yahoo news:

Residents of the Israeli town of Shfaram were seeking on Friday to make the world’s largest tabbouleh salad, hoping to bring reconciliation after violent Christian-Druze clashes.

“We are trying to get the Guinness record,” said event organiser Ala Khuria as residents were busy chopping 700 kilos (1,540 pounds) of tomatoes as well as other ingredients that should make up a more than four-tonne salad.

But more important than surpassing the 3,557 kilos (7,825 pounds) some 300 Lebanese chefs stirred into a giant bowl in October, is bringing together the town’s Muslims, Christians and Druze, Khuria told AFP.

“We are doing it for the union of the town,” he said.[Full article]

Yeah right. Just for the union. Not for the ego. Not to mock anybody.

I suppose a 5-ton latke just wouldn’t have created the same feeling of unity. Or a 3-metre diametre matzoh ball. Or a pool full of chicken soup.

Folks, grow up.

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