myshpaceI just started using MySpace again after a very long long time. I found some msgs in my inbox of people that really had questions. MySpace is the only social network they use.

So I updated my profile and my info, and so forth, and am pleased to say that MySpace has become a better medium for social networking.

When we started Jewlicious Festival way back in 2005 – there was no Facebook. We created a profile for the Festival as it was called back then “Jewlicious @ The Beach” –

I asked our veteran of MySpace on the JF Team to please update the profile, and look into changing the unfortunate vanity name that was put up, namely, the old name of the fest.

Sarah has been trying now for two weeks to get the name changed and keeps getting back the same generic email.


Thanks for contacting MySpace.

We apologize however, a MySpace user’s URL/web address is permanent and cannot be changed or edited.

The MySpace Support team

For assistance with all MySpace services please visit:

We want to give these guys at NewsCorps MySpace one more chance. Please – change the name of our Festival Page. We are starting to feel that you don’t really care about the individual user, the small not-for-profits, the college students, the unemployed recent grads, the Jews, the list goes on. It seems you just care about the million dollar ads, the overwhelming promotions that interrupt constantly, Black Eyed Peas, Lady Ga-Ga and reality tv shows. Oh MySpace, purveyor of media overload, please show us some love?
MySpace – Take Down That Name! Please. Pretty please?

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  • I used to work for an artist scoring over 100,000 hits a day and they were not allowed to change their vanity URL. If its such a big deal, make a new account. You could also give out the non-vanity url out instead which uses your member number instead of the old name. To say it has something to do with you being a nonprofit Jewish group is a little out of line I think.

  • I hope they help you. May I remind you all that the UJA in NYC gave the head of News Corp, Rupert Murdoch, their Humanitarian of the Year Award several years ago. I hope he will glow his humanitarianism into the ranks of News Corp so that they help you out.