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When Senator Orin Hatch, a Mormon, put together a nice little Hanukah ditty, some took umbrage because the Senator is a Republican. And a Mormon. Not sure which they felt was worst. In any case, Max Weinberg, “the Tonight Show’s only Jew” put together a Christmas ditty, sung to the tune of “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel,” featuring singing by host Conan Obrien and the Tapernacle Choir. Get it? “Tapernacle?” They’re a choir and they tap! The one thing I learned from this song is that we don’t really know a hell of a lot about Mormons.

Hat tip to Farrah and the Forward

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  • Ahhhhh! hee hee..Funny, yet so painful to watch… As a Mormon I guess we have our PR work cut out for us. Yikes!

    Well, it’s nice to be associated with the Jews. We have always felt closer affinity to Jewish culture than mainline Christians. We have temples, sacred clothing, laws of sacrifice, temple covenants, Aaronic priesthood, prophets, unique scripture and even our own Exodus that landed us next to a salt sea in the desert. Here’s to Jews and Mormons. Mazeltov!