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From today’s Wall Street Journal Op-Ed“Despite all the misreporting about a “humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza as a result of Israel’s blockade, the flow of aid support from Israel to the narrow strip is uninterrupted. In the week of Dec. 13 -Dec. 19 alone, 553 truckloads with 13,587 tons of merchandise reached Gaza from Israel, according to the Israeli foreign ministry.” The article is an important one.


Hat tip to The Daily Alert.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • Oh Rabbi! How can you be so callously indifferent to all the suffering of the people of Gaza?? Can’t you see that this is the most pressing humanitarian crisis of the decade?? For instance, in the Palestine Today article, there’s a sad and touching photo of a Gaza sweet shop where the deprivation makes one cringe – don’t you see that the man is only able to offer his fellow victims of genocide only one variety of kaffeh? Only one Rabbi! Usually customers would have a choice of at least 3 or 4 types of knaffeh. Now they only have one. Is there no end to Zionist cruelty?? When will the world wake up? When???

  • What?

    Only 13, 587 tons per week?

    Those dirty Zionist bastards!

    Personally, I think all of that should have been shipped straight to Sderot, but, hey, that’s just me.

    I really don’t see why Israel gives Gaza anything at all. They should stop sending them anything. Let them eat sand.

    Merry Christmas, you terrorist fucks.

  • lol, thank you jews, your hatred provides fuel for my resolve, and hey ephraim a merry christmass to you too

  • Feed your resolve on somebody else’s food, then. If you had real resolve (and a couple of testicles), you would learn how to get along without handouts from the Jews.

    Don’t you have any pride? What kind of a coward takes Zionist food while hiding behind his women and children to shot at the people who are feeding him?

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Good to know that consumerism is alive, but what I would like to see is pictures of how people are *living* in Gaza. Do children have access to schools? Do women have access to first aid care? Do families have access to clean water?

    Those pictures don’t show that.

  • I’d like to know that as well. When the UN and the EU send millions and hundreds of millions of dollars to Gaza every year, where does that money go? Does it go towards improving parks, water and infrastructure? Or does it go towards buying more weapons, building tunnels for war and training the Hamas army?

    I bet that if Hamas was less intent on its war to destroy Israel, there would be much more in the way of civic expenditures in Gaza.

  • Hmmm, good question. IIRC, a rough 70 million went to Arafat’s private bank accounts in Switzerland. A people that has never really “learnt” democracy naturally has got trouble acting as the sovereign.

    I’d again like to point out that the situation of Palestinian Christians, except for a few upper rank ones that try to play nice, is horrible.

  • froylein:

    He’s upset he doesn’t have any friends in Bangladesh, so he pesters us here.

    Remember when Ahmed and Salim were in the same predicament? (pardon the vulgarities)

  • That is better than Caracas life! I got why Chavez hates so much Israel 🙁

  • No, he means that since Hamas can provide better for its people than Chavez can for his, Jorge now understands why Chavez hates Israel so much.

    But then again, yes, Israel and the Jewish people are responsible for much of what sucks in the world. Just ask Jimmy Carter. 😉