CK and I were chatting yesterday. While this alone might be of little interest as the chat this time did not entail any risqué or gross topics (Will CK ever get used to my “Look what I’ve found / invented / dreamt of!”-outbursts?), there were a few things to blog about.

Firstly, Stacey Solomon came in third in the X-Factor UK 2009 finals. What shall I say? I felt a little sad that she didn’t win, but I wish her good luck in making her way. My gut tells me she’ll be in over a longer haul than her fellow contestants. And we’ll always welcome her at a European festival. (Have I spilt a secret now?)

Secondly, as I was watching Stacey’s duet with Michael Bublé, I mentioned to CK that Muffti looks a bit like the Canadian singer. We both agreed on that Muffti’s cuter, yet his singing qualities were not rated as favourably by CK. (I’ve never heard Muffti sing, so…) Anyhow, I pointed out to CK that Michael Bublé could well be singing his way into the pants of most ladies, which was a talent. I won’t paraphrase the next few lines of the chat but treat you to the real deal, raw emotions, and genuine drama (please excuse any typos and the lack of capitalisation):

CK: heh
froylein: yeah? 🙂
CK: its not the greatest thing on earth to get them to have sex with you
froylein: but to have them drool over you by the millions – that’s something
CK: there’s only so many women you can fuck [ed.’s note: CK meant to say, “engage in loving and respectful consensual sexual intercourse with”.]
froylein: serge gainsbourg would never have got laid if not for his singing
CK: even serge gainsbourg could have gotten laid
froylein: with that punim?
CK: yes
the french women are weird that way
froylein: heh
CK: germans too so dont get uppitty

Luckily for CK, I missed that last line and only just saw it in the chat history. I’ll save the comparison of lovers of different nationalities for another post, so you’ll have something to look forward to.

Back on topic, thirdly, Jewlicious’ favourite Yuriy Gurzhy is featured in the current edition of Jüdische Allgemeine (click here for the .pdf-version of that page). The article is an abridged chat between him and Shantel about how they met and what constitutes as respectively whether there even was such a thing as “Jewish music”. The most interesting aspect in this excerpt, I think, was that both these veterans of indie dance music with an often Jewish twist have been under the impression that lately people have invented or re-discovered their Jewishness as it suddenly appeared to be a fashionable thing to be Jewish. I’ve been wondering whether seeing a disproportionate number of Jews in pop culture not only had to do with fashion but also more acceptance of artistic professions among Jewish families.

And while I keep wondering, here’s some indie dance music with a Jewish (or is it a European?) twist for you:
Gay, Gypsy and Jew by Yuriy’s band Rotfront, performed in Budapest last night.

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  • I’m more than just a little horrified that you reproduced our IMs on the site, but I’ll forgive you because you embedded a Rotfront video. If you speak to Yuri tell him to come to Israel!

    • Hey, I only just noticed that last line I quoted later, so that was my blank cheque. 🙂

      I’ll let Yuriy know..