Dear Danielle,
I have been dating a guy for 2 months who is perfect on paper. He runs a successful restaurant business, is attractive, chivalrous and extremely giving and affectionate. To top it all off he comes from an insanely wealthy Jewish family and I would be set for life if I married him. He just told me he wants to take me away on a ski weekend vacation to Colorado. My hesitation is, there is no “va-va-va-voom.” I don’t feel insanely attracted to him and there isn’t much sexual chemistry. I am trying to be patient and give it a shot, and he is doing everything right, but something is still not sitting right with me. What should I do?
“Dating and Confused”

Dear “Dating and Confused,”
He sounds like a fabulous guy. Stop over thinking things and let the romantic chemistry and sexual spark naturally develop. If 6 months go by and there is still no spark, re-evaluate things. But, maybe you are putting up an internal block to fully falling for him? No guy you meet will be perfect, and although chemistry is crucial to a lasting relationship, relationship dynamics can evolve over time. Be patient and not as judgemental. When your mind starts over analyzing every interaction with him, remember – only through living life will the correct path for us be brought into clarity.

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