Eretz Nehederet is an Israeli sketch comedy show that I never, ever watch. I think it airs on Friday night when I am usually in the company of my Sabbath posse. Also, I don’t own a television. In any case, they poke fun at pretty much all elements of Israeli society in a way that makes us laugh, squirm uncomfortably or get angry. Or all three at the same time. But I still love those little fuckers. The clip above is a commentary on the media hype that accompanied Israel’s humanitarian mission to Haiti in the aftermath of an earthquake that left over 200,000 people dead and many more injured. And of course there was hype – but the fact that it came equipped with a fully functional and rapidly deployed IDF field hospital manned by experienced staff – makes it hype with substance. That my country was sending help to people who desperately needed it was more important to me than whatever positive publicity we were gaining. And while perhaps the PR angle of this operation made me a tad uncomfortable, again, the most important thing was that we were helping.

But of course, those that hate us glommed on to the PR angle while almost completely diminishing the actual good that was done by the IDF. And that’s the beauty of this clip. Watch it carefully and note that while it’s fairly critical of the PR aspect of Israel’s mission, it is equally if not more critical of those idiots out there who claim that the mission was 100% PR driven and meant solely to deflect world attention from the never ending plight of the Palestinians as they suffer from the jack booted oppression of racist Israeli Apartheid military machine. Blah. The journalist in this clip is clearly so over the top, you’d have to be an idiot to take his depiction seriously.

So uhm, yeah. Go Israel! Heh…

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