Theoretically, you could probably even dip yourself into hummus completely:

Found on IsraelNationalNews via Yahoo! News:

Arab Israelis have moved to the front lines in the “humus” war and are planning to prepare as ammunition a four-ton dish of the chick pea dip in a battle to wrest from Lebanon the title of the World’s Largest Serving of Humus. Arabs from Abu Ghosh, a town famous for its humus located several miles from Jerusalem off the main highway to Tel Aviv, are planning to dish out the humus weapon this Friday.

I’m not really into those “We’ve made a larger pot full of steamed celery [ed.’s note: *barf*] than you have. Nahnahnahnahnah.”-one-upping contests, but I should love to see people rolling a proportionately sized falafel ball down the hill to land in such a huge bowl of hummus. Puppet [i.e. CK], set to task.

Speaking of fried balls, guess what sponsor link on the IsraelNationalNews site I found to be rather curious to say the least. I hope they get charged per click.

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  • It will be interesting to see the Lebanese reaction. I don’t know if they claimed that Hummus was Lebanese or Arabic. If it’s the latter, will they be upset that Israeli Arabs are taking them on, or will they be angry no matter what, just because it’s happening in Israel.

    I wonder if it will be used for firefighting purposes a la “you don’t mess with the Zohan.”