Had to share this with our Jewlicious peeps! So, here goes!
Shemspeed is ecstatic to introduce the first ever…“Israeli Keffiyeh”.

Pick one up and get Diwon’s Sabra Sessions all for just $18
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Now a word from Dveykus: What prompted me to design a Jewish version of a keffiyeh/scarf is the fact that a traditional Arab head wear has become not only a symbol of injustice, but a fashion statement. In New York city one can not go anywhere with out seeing people on the street wearing them, they ranging from different ethnicity, color and background. The first thing that came to mind was:

Do they know what they are wearing?
Are they making a statement?
If so what is it? Or are they simply following fashion trends?

It is my sincere hope that this scarf would serve as a symbol of Jewish pride, unity of purpose, galvanizing Jews from different backgrounds and perhaps become as an iconic symbol of our future!!

The Israeli Keffiyeh, with its intricate Star of David pattern in the center piece, and words AM ISRAEL CHAI (Jewish People Live) in Hebrew weaved into its fabric, this scarf illustrates a divine promise that the Jewish people are eternal.

CLICK http://shemspeed.com/kef

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  • I bought a blue and white keffiyeh in Jerusalem decades ago––אין חדש תחת השמש––but kudos for bringing them here.

  • I feel like Jewschool or Jewlicious featured a blue and white keffiyeh, but I like the pattern on this one a bit more. Perhaps I’ll get one. Honestly – I used to wear one (bought it in Argentina in the 90s and it was just a warm scarf) and I miss it in the fall.

    • Joshua, why may we not have nice things because of you?

      I love that tartan. Do they still have the tartan pins to match?

  • Perfect example of cultural appropriation. Despite your attempts to also steal Arab costume, you will ultimately never succeed at changing the meaning of the kuffiyah.

    • Hey Dan. My family speaks Arabic. The music we listen to is Arabic. The food we eat is Arabic. When we have engagement parties the band is Arabic, we wear Djellabas and we dress like Bedouins. I know more Um Kultum than I do Fiddler on the Roof. My parents mother tongue is Arabic and my grandparents only ever spoke Arabic. If a Keffiyeh is an Arab head dress, what the fuck more do I have to do to be allowed the privilege of wearing one. I can’t exactly culturally misappropriate my own fucking culture, can I? I mean Arab Muslims can wear a Keffiyeh, Arab Christians can wear a Keffiyeh, why can’t Jews?

      • @ ck then just wear the original keffiyeh. why the need to redesign it? no one has said Jews cant wear the original one-calm down.

        • Amy, because the “original” as you call it represents often terror and worldwide Islamic domination.
          The Muslims don’t own the rights to all things middle Eastern though they’d like the entire Middle East to themselves.

  • this is genuine palestinian keffeyeh, how come u snatcher bastard jews stolen this from the palestinian ?
    you have no identity of your own, but only stealing others.
    u lack the identity.

    • We haven’t stolen everything from muslims namely: the brutal subjugation of women, medievel/inhuman sharia “justice” or pedophilia.

      • you seem to have muslims confused with america and its foreign policy gail.

      • You have a practice where the rabbi sucks babies penises. Let’s talk about that

        • gg : like Muhammad sucking the little penis of Hussein bin-Ali when he was a little child?
          It’s in the Haddiths, isn’t it?

    • Considering that there is no palestine nor palestinians, no one stole shit from you. The shemagh has been around for centuries. It’s a fucking head scarf. Nothing more. Stop pretending like it’s your culture.

  • FOR GOD SAKE, quit stealing for once. Can’t you ever live on your own efforts? You always need to steal something and make it yours? This is pathetic, it really is. I do not know by what means do you think this could serve your cause. SICK!
    BTW, your ‘scarf’ ain’t pretty at all, it looks like a towel or so..

    • You want to talk about stealing? How about the millions of dollars Yasar Arafat stole from donations to the so-called Palestinian cause? His widow is living in Paris now like a queen from money he embezzled from donations to a manufactured grievance. The so-called Palestinian people are being used by the likes of Yasar Arafat and his widow to enrich themselves. You’re so busy being angry and nasty that you can’t tell when you’re being swindled. Wake up!!!

      • Well, Arafat’s wife and daughter moved from Paris since French IRS began to inquire the source of their €70,000 a day spendings, living in 5 stars hotels, buying jewels on Vendôme Plaza (where all jewellers are, incl. Van Cleef & Arpels).
        At the time of his death, Mr. al-Husseini, AKA Yasser Arafat was said having $11 billions on his Swiss banks accounts…
        Mahmoud Abbas personal wealth is estimated about $1.5bln (and more than $100M for each of his 2 sons who have flourishiing businesses in the UAE where they live), Khalid Mashal (Hamas leader) has $2.1bln personal wealth and lives in Qatar…
        Hezbollah leader seems poor for a terrorist : he “only” owns $300M…

    • We can’t use stuff from other cultures?


      Sucks to not be white then. Cause, well… nah. You get it.

      Who the f cares about any of this? Fighting over a f’n scrap of fabric.

      Eat some concrete and toughen the f up ya bunch of Nancies

  • I can not belive that…you dont have enough stealing them their land, their homes, their culture, you also need to steal them the most huge simbol of their identities, the keffeyeh. Israeli people! you really look ridiculous in everything you do..Why can not you have your own custumes?? dont you say that your tradition its so ancient?? So that, show us, but please stop stealing to the palestinians..

      • You do realize that Semites (Arabs Muslims and Jews) have been wearing Kaffiyehs for thousands of years, right? A kaffiyeh is a tradition head covering required when in the desert under the hot sun.

        Only an idiot would assume that Jews stole the Kaffiyeh from the Palestinians. It serves no symbol, ideology, or movement. It is simply a square piece of cloth designed to prevent heat stroke.

    • Ines : one century ago, there were only around 15,000 Arabs living west of Jordan river, with about the half in Jerusalem, others being seasonal workers from countries around, in a total population about 100-130k, most of the land was state owned by the Ottomans then transferred to Brit mandate, actually, most of the area was a desert!
      Maybe should you consider to learn history instead of believing Goebbelsian “big lies” coming from former terrorist gang reconverted into a kleptocracy!

    • Please shut the fuck up. Jews lived in that area of the world for 1200 years before christ even showed up. Please show me any nation or people called Palestine/Palestinians that existed prior to 1200 BCE.

      Fucking moron.

      We do have our own customs. How the hell is wearing a scarf stealing someone’s culture? Grow the fuck up moron.

  • Frankly I’ll admit that I’m pretty unhappy with the whole “Keffiyeh as a fashion” movement.

    Sure, CK’s family is just as Arab as any Christian family out of Marjayoun, as are the families of every Jew of North African or Arabian descent. CK rightfully claims his musical, culinary and cultural heritage.

    So what’s my problem?

    My grandma’s middle brother was called Adolph.

    What’s the big deal?
    We’re Yekkes! Adolph is a good German name! Lots of Yekkes were called Adolph before…

    Guess what.

    Adolph changed his name to “Gad”.

    He avoided speaking German. As does my Grandma. Many Yekkes do the same.

    I guess we no longer want a part of our inherited culture.
    We figured if this is where it got them it can’t be worth much. AFAIK Jews in Arab lands didn’t fare so greatly that they should pine for the culture of their neighbors.

    IMHO We’ve all created something better.
    It’s called Zionism, and it’s all OURS!

    For all the ignorant bozos up there:
    You might want to look into your history books.
    When you bother to read them you’ll be astounded to discover that the advent of “Palestinian” nationalism began as a reaction to the new Jewish nationalism that led to return of Jews to the land of Israel. Before this movement the Arabs living here saw themselves as nothing more than subjects of the Ottoman Empire. So if anyone is copying anything from anyone…

  • I’ll write this in Arabic, & who doesn’t understand arabic, oh well it’s your problem, go LEARN arabic!

    إنتوا اليهود عديمين أصل
    أصل ما عندكم
    وديانة ما عندكم
    حقدكم في قلبكم على بعض
    فما بالكم علينا نحنا الفلسطينية
    قاعدين بتحاولوا تسرقوا هويتنا
    لكن بحكيلكم
    لأ وألف لأ ولا عمركم رح تقدروا على شعب جبار متل شعبنا
    نعم رح ندمركم تدمير وما رح ننسا تعذيبكم لأهلنا
    والأيام بيناتنا
    تحياتي يا كفار بنو قينقاع

    • Rough translation of OthOth’s Arabic:

      For the best pita
      Go to Rami’s Palestinian pita
      Over in the part of Jerusalem
      East Jerusalem
      Where the Palestinians live
      Because they evicted every Jew from there back in the first war
      And when there were no Jews they destroyed the synagogues
      They put a garbage dump near The Western Wall
      So buy Rami’s pita, effendi
      It goes great with hummus

    • تحياتي يا كفار بنو قينقاع

      Greetings Children of Kfar Chanukah?

  • I’d like to import a version of the Israeli Keffiyeh from Israel like the ones sold in the Shuk in Jerusalem. Could someone help me find a manufacturer/distributor?

    Just comment on this post and I will get an email.

  • You guys got it wrong.

    The Keffiyeh it’s been part of the Jewish society before time, it’s nothing to do with religion, it was just a piece of clothing that was used back in the days to protect one from the sun and sand.

    Has no spiritual meaning, now it’s a sign to resistance against Israel.
    About time Israel brought them out again.

    • @ the truth, i couldn’t have said it better myself. the keffiyeh has been worn by jews, christians and arabs since the time of the 12 tribes of israel. all this talk of stealing culture is frankly ignorant bullshit. For the love of god, we fight enough about what’s going on in the holy land, and have been doing so for the past 2,000 years. isn’t it time for some peace on some level.

  • My Khaffiya is the orginal Jewish version of the Arab Khaffiya for over 5 years we have been selling them

    Go check out our website or google Kafiya yisrealit to get the history as reported in the Jewish Chronicle!


  • Screw you for tainting the Arabic Kuffiyah! It just goes to prove how jealous you are of their culture. Long live Filastin! Down with the occupiers!

  • I think red would be more appropriate, it would represent the blood of the thousands of little children ISRAEL murdered and disabled.

    • MMMMMMMMMM……….and they are sooo tasty! Seriousely, Maria, you have the historical sense of a plastic door mat made in China, and the intelligence of a house plant.

      It would be better for you to go learn some history, comparative religion and culture, and shut your mouth.

    • Maria : maybe should you tell Hamas not to use children as human shields for their rocket/mortar teams, also ask PLO/fatah to not teach their children to stab people when they don’t blast them with an explosive belt in order to charge their own crimes on IDF.
      Actually, King Hussein of Jordan killed many more Fakestinians in a few months (23,000) than IDF since Arafat inherited Fatah from his uncle, the infamous Hajj Amin al-Husseini. Actually, Fakestinians did the same in Jordan, then in Lebanon (thus they’re responsible of the 150k dead in Lebanese civil-war which lasted unti Haafez al-Assad expelled Fakestinians from Lebanon!)

      Do you know who his uncle Amin was? Go learn about his deeds! He was even in the Waffen SS and hired his buddy Otto Skorzeny to tran his private army into the terrorist techniques Otto created fr the Werewulf group… Amin was also the leader of ‘Paestinian’ Muslim Brotherhood. MB translated ‘Mein Kampf’ in Arabic (forgetting where Adolf was writing about Arabs which he’ll have gassed too had he won!), actually, Adolf 1st thought about deporting European Jews to Jewish-Palestine. It was Amin who persuaded him to genocide them. He also ordered the murder of King Abdullah-1 of Jordan and of any Arab pacifist in ‘Palestine’.
      Muslim Brotherhood is also the craddle of al-Qaeda, ISIS, Talebans, Shebabs, Boko-Haram, etc etc etc. They act as a 5th column in the west on the behalf of the global caliphate of their wet dreams.

  • We can’t use stuff from other cultures?


    Sucks to not be white then. Cause, well… nah. You get it.

    Who the f cares about any of this? Fighting over a f’n scrap of fabric.

    Eat some concrete and toughen the f up ya bunch of Nancies

  • I have been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thank you, I?l try and check back more often. How frequently you update your website?