These amazing performers will be performing at Jewlicious Festivals on the Saturday Concert Stage and the Sunday Acoustic Stage. There is really no other place in the world that you can see this line up except at Jewlicious Festival.

Electro Morocco is a unique mixture of energetic electro beats, middle eastern flavor, with a retro rock and pop edge. Their live performance combines live music with synced video clips that creates an unforgettable visual and musical experience.


Moshav Imagine the jamming of Phish, mixed with the vocal strength of Pearl Jam and the spiritual lyrics of U2, seasoned with a Middle-Eastern influence and you can begin to describe the unique sound of Moshav. They mix it up, injecting reggae and Middle Eastern rhythms into their rock, giving it an edgy ethnic sound that is hard to resist


Kosha Dillz Band have been a mainstay in the indie hip hop scene of NJ and NYC for years. Appearing live with everyone from Nas and Lady Sovereign to Asher Roth and The Handsome Furs, hard work has earned him a rite of passage like no other, being the only Israeli New Jerseyan artist who began battling with the likes of Immortal Technique to performing at BET’s 106th and Park and the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

kosha dillz

Rinat Gutman is a hip hop MC, based in Jerusalem, she’s a tireless performer, extremely talented, very entertaining and committed to her craft. She’s also a practicing Orthodox Jewess. In a field full of men, like Matisyahu, Y-Love and almost everyone associated with Shemspeed, she stands out as lone female voice sanctifying Judaism through rap. Performing her music mainly in Israel, she is now a rising star and uses words and rhythm to convey her thoughts on everything from the state of western culture to Hasidic tales.


Basya Schechter (of Pharaoh’s Daughter) Blending a psychedelic sensibility and a pan-Mediterranean sensuality, Basya Schechter leads her band, Pharaoh’s Daughter, through swirling Hasidic chants, Mizrachi and Sephardi folk-rock, and spiritual stylings filtered through percussion, flute, strings and electronica.Her sound has been cultivated by her Hasidic music background and a series of trips to the Middle East, Africa, Israel, Egypt, Central Africa, Turkey, Kurdistan and Greece.


Rav Shmuel Rav Shmuel is a rabbi who hangs out in Greenwich Village and plays original compositions on his guitar. He has a beard and sidelocks and he loves The Dead. He does not see an inconsistency between these two identities. Rather, he thinks of Judaism and music as complementary and often coalescing tools and methods for communication


Yael Meyer a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, was born in Santiago de Chile and moved to the United States at 19 to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Giving in to a much deeper appreciation for sound and the power it has to change every living and non living thing, she became convinced that music is indeed a powerful tool towards generating a much more loving, understanding, peaceful and respectful world.


Diwon multi-genre producer who travels the globe performing, producing and researching sounds.His styles range from Yemenite music blended with electro hip hop beats to cinematic psychadelia .Diwon’s live sets include a diverse mix of singers and live musicians, creating a lively blend of world music, hip hop, and jazz


SoulSpeak is a live electronic music duo feat. DJ Eric Rosen and Anthony Rogers Wright. Eric’s 12 year resume as a DJ and production/remix artist beats encompass the entire spectrum of dance music, ranging from deep house music to Balearic disco, breakbeats, and classic San Francisco acid house. With a degree in Jazz composition from the Univerisity of Massichustets, Anthony alternates between playing the synthesizer and bass guitar, and seamlessly weaves back and forth between the worlds of electronic and organic music. &


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