The Herzliya Conference is winding down, with only one speaker left this evening. (I’ll have two more posts on the conference later this evening; one on General Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon’s speech, and one on the conference’s keynote address, given by Prime Minister Netanyahu, once I can get video of them).

Nonetheless, before the conference has come to a close, I wanted to thank the IDC’s Asper Institute New Media Team, led by David Saranga, here for there hard work and hospitality. They have been nothing if busy, in getting videos edited and up on You Tube, Facebook statuses updated, blogs posted, tweets twittered (or twitters tweeted?), etc. It has been a pleasure to watch them at work.

I’ve, also, had a great time hanging out with Margot and Tomer from Leadel. They’re pretty awesome. (Check out their site, by the way).

The conference, itself, has gone off without a hitch (at least, other than the rain, which was out of their control, none to my semi-trained eye). I highly recommend everyone to check out their You Tube page and if something interests you, share it with your friends. Let’s keep the dialogue going. As the people here believe, only together can we solve the world’s problems. So here’s to the 2010 Herzliya Conference.

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