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  • SO. WRONG.

    But at least I know FOR SURE that the singer of this ditty has a dick.

  • There was a video floating somewhere that had Lady Gaga accidentally wagging her disco stick. Of course, there are people who say that she actually has a longer-than-usual cl*****s.

  • I knew that the truth was on my side and I felt fortunate that the jury was able to see that. Rob and I made our agreement in 2005. We are now entering 2015. The journey has been a long one. My attorneys at Dunnegan & Scileppi did an extraordinary job at helping me reach this milestone. I am so thankful to them for making the Herculean effort that was required to win this case. It would be wonderful if the verdict helped other people to remember that agreements are enforceable. Do business with people who are worthy of your trust. Be the living example that your word is your bond. It’s a tough business and people need to be valued for their work.