There are a lot of things lots of people do but hardly anyone admits to. Just for the fun of it, let’s compile a list (in no particular order):
– using Q-tips for your ears,
– looking at the bottom of your tongue in the mirror,
– wishing some plague of Biblical proportions onto somebody,
– picking your nose,
– reading advice columns,
– doing your own pedicure yourself,
– blogging,
– comparing yourself favourably to others,
– singing outside the shower,
– scooping some Nutella out of its jar using your finger,
– following the Eurovision Song Contest.

See, I know many Israelis, even sophisticated ones, love the Eurovision Song Contest just as much as many Germans do. Apart from a few exceptions like Israel’s contestant last year, the musicians and the music are really not all that great. The final results hardly are surprising, and Germany will always be placed in the finals because it’s among the big financial contributors. But what might appear like a lulling affair can actually be a highly entertaining event; it gives people a non-political, non-religious reason to party in a casual fashion plus the chance to admire one’s own singing abilities and argue about something as trivial as what contestant performed worst. I’ve spent Eurovision nights with siblings on the couch eating lasagne just as much as having people over for grilling (none of that girlish BBQing here) with the TV set moved outside or with a buffet (aye, buffet – savoury finger food and various desserts, even a chocolate truffle torte) in the living-room like last year. It’s always entertaining, and the music becomes secondary.

What about this year’s contestants? Well, Israel’s sending some guy without a shirt to Oslo. Germany’s contribution is a quirky, young girl.

If anybody had listened to me, Rotfront would be running in and would definitely have won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest:

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  • if rotfront AND harel skaat competed, i would have a very, very difficult time choosing who to vote for! they’re both pretty spiffy, IMO. i quite like skaat’s version of Ma Avarech.

  • I think one of Rotfront’s strengths in such a contest would be that they’re used to international audiences and are a multi-national combo themselves; ex-pats often receive the support of voters in their native countries in the Eurovision Song Contest.

    As an aside, I wonder how someone could give this post a 3.92-star rating, technically speaking.