Leadel.net just announced the winners of its Jews That Do video contest.

As hoped, Jews That Do highlighted some unique Jews from around the world, as well as some very talented video artists!

Please take a minute and watch the winning videos as Leadel.NET, with partners ROI Community and Jewlicious, present you the winners of our “Jews That Do” video competition.

Grand Prize Winner: Sasha Perry — Los Angeles, California Earth’s Promise

Earth’s Promise is filmed in Israel, edited in the U.S. and commands the attention of a global population. Perry captures how individuals can truly make a difference as this short documentary tells the story of a Jewish activist, Isaac Hametz, doing his part to spread ecological consciousness in Be’er Sheva by helping to create a green city through urban agriculture, such as composting satellites and better resource management. In doing so, Isaac is bringing the dispersed Ethiopian olim (immigrants) back to a sense of community. Through these efforts, he hopes to revitalize the Negev, which he sees as Israel’s future.

Sasha, an ROI Community alum, tireless Jewlicious volunteer and dear friend, put together a great presentation. I hope she enjoys her MacBook Pro! There were a number of runners up who also won great prizes for their interesting videos. Check them out and congrats to all who participated!

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  • Thanks for making my life easier Alex, who by the way is the true author of substantially all of this post. Of course we were gonna put it up dude! We co-sponsored the contest!