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passover_pamI’ve been gorging myself on Pam Reiss’s new Passover cookbook in anticipation of the upcoming holiday. Passover: A Kosher Collection is a great combination of traditional as well as contemporary Passover recipes. Clearly with a little imagination and creativity Pam shows that there is no reason for one’s eating habits to suffer unduly during Passover. In fact, the recipes here, which include main courses, charoset, snacks and desserts, look TOTALLY yummy. I can’t wait to make the carrot cake and cheese cake and such exotic Ashkenazic dishes as mushroom and onion farfel. Can’t wait to find out what exactly a farfel is either. Pam, who grew up in a family that provides for the kosher food needs of the Jews of Winnipeg, has kosher food in her blood and gets it right on just about every recipe, except for the one for shakshuka. Only barbarians add onions to shakshuka. Feel free to use my Mom’s recipe instead.

But don’t let that dissuade you. Pam’s recipes are really quite good and the collection is thorough and diverse. Not her fault there aren’t Moroccans in Winnipeg. Wanna have a yummy Passover? Order Pam’s book today. There’s plenty of time before Passover! I’ll let you know how my cooking goes.

Now how can I mention delicious Passover food without discussing those who have less than we do? This year, as we did last year, we’re raising money in order to feed hungry Jerusalemites. Please make a donation in any amount using the button below. Those of you who, at my urging made $1 donations might think you’re being funny, but really, those donations are cherished and are a great mitzva! So yes! No donation is too small. You’d be amazed what a difference an extra box of $9.00 matza can make to an impoverished family.

And don’t forget, you can also make a donation directly to Leket (formerly known as Table to Table), Israel’s national food bank, by clicking here. Thanks for the amazing support so far!

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  • Hey! We have Moroccans in Winnipeg! We’re a very diverse group in fact, thank you very much.

  • Mdme Muyal???? Oh wow! I can’t believe we ran into each other here. This is Barb’s daughter.

  • Sorry. I’m just VERY sensitive to shakshuka related issues. I know the Winnipeg Jewish community to be vibrant and dynamic, albeit a little cold sometimes. I don’t mean “cold” as in “unfriendly” I mean “cold” as in literally freezing, during the winter especially.