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Early this morning I was rudely awakened by friends warning me that my personal blog was hacked. What? Was this a joke? Why would my new personal blog, which has a daily readership of less than 15, be targeted by hackers?

Was it because I am Jewish? Because I’m a staunch supporter of Israel? Or because my WordPress blog invited these hackers? I guess we’ll never know. (Update: My hosting service was able to resolve and fix the issue. My blog is safe to visit. Thank you Fatcow!)

But what my good friends on Facebook discovered is that the self proclaimed “Turkish Muslim” hackers (see image above) from thehacking.org are run by a gun toting fanatic … with (shockingly) a Facebook profile.

Is there something we can do about these hackers, terrorists, and hacking-terrorists online? Maybe we should consider VMware hosting? Will that help?

I’d love to hear your ideas.

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  • Fight those hackers or whatever you want but please don’t think of all Muslims like those. Just because a few are bad doesn’t mean all of them are. Similarly Some jews are good and some are bad, OK? No hard feelings 🙂

  • There’s nothing you can do. If the version of wordpress is all up to date and your website has no holes, but you also are on shared hosting then it was most likely gotten to through another insecure website on the same server, or the admins of the server are bad.

  • Xbox – I dont feel this way about all muslims. But when stuff like this happens by people calling themselves Muslim hackers, it’s usually for a reason.

    This isnt about who is good and bad. Unfortunately, a lot of terrorism (whether we want to call this a form of terrorism is a separate issue) is waged in the name of Islam. It gives good Muslims a bad rap. However, I’d like to see more good Muslims stepping forward condemning the bad ones. Unfortunately, we dont see it enough.

    Wishful thinking.

  • Dani, I’m really sorry for the scare, I’m glad your site has recovered. And I’m excited for your new job!

    But two thoughts:

    When Israel attacked Gaza and lots of innocents died (the precise number is debatable, and not the point here) the Jews who condemned the loss of Palestinian life were quickly accused of being traitors by individuals and organizations from the right wing. For example, Dani’s employer StandWithUs campaigned against J Street. CK and themiddle here at Jewlicious have taken at times to judging Jewish traitors as well. Point being, the Muslim community also faces this dynamic. The guardians of ideological purity in each community make life hell for those who DO stand up.

    So I find it irritating when people lament the lack of civility from the other side, when they themselves have participated in the demonizing of their own.

    • You mean, like when I criticize a person who claims to be interested in israel’s welfare but who goes around calling it an apartheid state?

      • After rereading KFJ’s comment in ever-growing amazement, I just want to say that I entirely reject any connection or parallel between what these people did to Dani and my writing on this site, or occasionally on other sites, where I debate people.

  • Dear Dani,
    Sorry for what you have experienced…,
    But today everything became so manupulative and disguised,
    one finds it very difficult what is real.
    So don’t take it as an insult to your blog.
    Good luck .
    Your Turkish friend.

  • I kind of agree with themiddle on why this actually happened, but why Turks? The guys could have easily taint anyone else who is considerably Middle Eastern. I guess ignorance goes without explanation. Sorry about what happened.

  • As far as I can tell they just attack random blogs. I have a website about toucans, and they decided it was worth attacking the blog on that site. Seriously, what could they have against toucans?
    Same group attacked one of my other WordPress blogs too, one on website design. They only attacked the blog section of my websites though, they left the other sections alone.

  • I just realized that my blog has been hacked (probably for awhile now, because I haven’t done anything with it in about a year). A couple important things to realize:

    1) They are hackers, they do it for the “lulz”…laughs, in other words. It’s not personal.

    2) They are most certainly neither Muslim, Turkish, or incorporated like their tagline says(i.e. “Copyright © 2002 – 2010”). They are most certainly a bunch of punk kids with pretty darn good interwebs skills.

    3) I love your site name. 🙂


  • surely, you dont think they are really turkish hackers, do you? when a thief steal something its wise to make it look like your enemy did it. its an old game. Secet services use this method all the time. kgb, fbi, cia, and even mossad, dont forget the motto “by deception we shall war”. Most likely who ever hacked your site new the right enemy you would fall for believing. that way while your pointing your finger at the patsy, the theives walk right past you. that my opinion anyways.

  • There’s nothing you can do… Turkish hackers have destroyed over 100,000 Zionists sites and will continue to do so inshallah!