MSU UCI Docs 3 29 10.pdfDuh – was my mom’s reaction, of course it was planned. Well the interesting development is that the group has been pretending that their disruption of Ambassador Oren was spontaneous, in order to protect the group from being penalized.

Turns out the smoking gun emails made public by The Investigative Project prove other wise.

The UCI administration is naturally doing what they always do – deflect, distance, discredit. They are trying to “authenticate the emails”.

Despite claims to the contrary, internal emails from the University of California, Irvine’s Muslim Student Union (MSU) show that the group orchestrated the repeated disruptions of a speech given on campus by Israeli ambassador Michael Oren February 8.

A copy of the email exchanges was sent anonymously to school and local law enforcement officials, who are investigating whether students violated conduct codes or criminal laws, respectively, in deliberately disrupting an invited guest speaker at the school. The emails include a “game plan,” which details the disruption plan down to where the student disruptors would sit, how they would communicate with each other via text messaging, and how to act if campus police began to arrest students.

Read more at their website.

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  • Some more proof of the disingenuous nature of the UCI MSU students’ campaign to exonerate themselves from any culpability for their actions – using the “free speech” argument, of course.