Musa, mihi causas memora,
quo numine laeso quidve dolens regina
deum tot volvere casus insignem
pietate virum, tot adire labores
impulerit, Tantaene animis
caelestibus irae?

“Tales from my odyssey” or “Who would like to borrow my sister?”

As the older ones among the readers might recall, I got stuck in NYC because of vulcanic activities, which were not caused by anybody’s sexual preferences.

As I was trying desperately to get through at my airline’s offices in three different continents, news came out that the situation might last a while and airlines might be taking several weeks until all passengers were returned to their destinations. Several weeks of bread without any crust? Oy, vulcano or not, I had to get home. Swimming was not an option with all that luggage, and my Facebook call for a horse was left unheard (I suggested to CK we’d found the Jewlicious Equine Society, but I couldn’t get him to like that idea). So while in the meantime, first Baruch Herzfeld and then David Kelsey were hosting me – and there still was no word from my airline – I thought of a cunning plan, a last resort of sorts.

See, I’ve got that sister, who, despite a few annoying habits, is outstandingly good at making people do things. Need 5-figure sponsoring for a project? She’ll get it. A major international conference in Europe in the mid of the December under the condition it must be warm in the location? Yup, you can count on her to get this all planned out AND working smoothly. She’s well-connected, knows tons of people, and has her way of getting her point across, whether it be in a charming or an obnoxious way. Now, said sister is getting married this summer, and one of her bad habits is her awful sense of dress. I’d already promised her a short trip to London so we could go, find her something nice. And here comes my moment of cunningness: I bought her a dress here, called her to let her know and asked en-passant whether she could call the airline for me as I needed to get out of here ASAP as I was certain she wanted to see her dress. My plan worked like a beauty; within a day, the airline called me back, apologising profusely for not having contacted me earlier and verifying that they’d put me on a priority list for the first available flight back to Frankfurt (probably not loaded with those stranded at the airport; something tells me my sense of smell shall be greatful for that), so I’m flying back home tonight. Apparently, my sister had been very adamant about that I’d be camping on top of the check-in counter if the airline didn’t manage to fly me out by the weekend.

Fortunately for my airline, I didn’t get to camp on top of the check-in counter as I was staying at Kelsey’s. As a gesture of gratitude, I filled Kelsey in on Muffti’s and my plan B for Jewlicious, which is so super-top secret that even CK doesn’t know what this’ll be about. And like any secret society, we of course had some kind of top secret get together with a meal of symbolic value. If you weren’t on the guest list, you likely don’t qualify for our super secret cross-blog society, I’m sorry. The get-together was great fun though.

By popular demand, the recipes for the dishes at our super-secret get-together will be added shortly. That way you may at least pretend being part of our top-secret society. 🙂

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