On this day, 62 years ago, Israel declared its independence. Those 62 years have not been easy ones. Israel has been plagued with war and blood shed (6 wars and countless skirmishes and other operations). Israel has been threatened with destruction time and again. Yet here we are. We’re leaders in the world when it comes to scientific research. We have more start-ups per capita than any other country. We have a society with its own art and culture. We speak a language which for so many years, lay all but dormant, being spoken only by a few mouths in Jerusalem and around the world. Israel, despite everything, is here and flourishing. We, the Jewish people, have a country of our own – a country made of the Jews, by the Jews, and for the Jews. For, though we may forget from time to time, we know that the existence of Israel is not a given. We have a country of our own now; one which protects us, and offers us citizenship, not in spite of our being Jewish, but because we are Jewish. Am Yisrael Chai! So we celebrate. We celebrate her existence, her triumphs, her survival.

Last night, the whole country partied and celebrated Israel’s independence, and more so, Israel’s perseverance. Here in Tel Aviv, we watched for the fireworks which went off every hour from Kikar Rabin and the Kirya, respectively. Parties will be continuing all through the day, with barbeques, block parties, and other forms of merriment.

Mazel tov Israel! Happy 62! I wish you health, prosperity, peace, and lasting joy to you and your inhabitants. Chag Sameach!  
What do you wish to Israel on her birthday?

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    • You mean like the five offers of peace and compromise Israel has made in its history with the local Arabs and subsequently the Palestinians?