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  • So CK,Middle is this is what happens when we give peace a chance

  • Wooden poles against machine guns. it’s a new holocaust! What next, the knock on Anne Frank’s door?

    • Actually, Cabel, the Israelis came on board with paintball rifles. They thought they would encounter low level resistance.

      Nice invocation of the Holocaust, though, jerk.

    • No, they opened fire after two soldiers had their personal firearms taken from them. It appears the soldiers came aboard with small firearms and paintball rifles. The people who took them knew what they were doing because they cocked them right away and fired. There was also shooting from another source because one of the soldiers is wounded with a bullet fired from a non-IDF gun.

      And nice apology for your disgusting invocation of the Holocaust, jerk.

  • These ships were the greatest attack on Israeli sovereignty since the USS Liberty. The likes of Hedy Epstein and Emily Henochowich should be shunned as momsers. The terrorists who were erased should have their families billed for the cost of the helicopter fuel and paintball guns.