It’s rare that Israelis and Germans share a strong passion with Americans generally being pretty much indifferent toward it all.

One such passions is the Eurovision Song Contest, and I’m happy to let you know that Israel’s representative qualified for running in the finals in Oslo tomorrow night. (As I’ve mentioned before, Germany’s automatically placed as it’s one of the biggest contributors.)

If you’re having a Eurovision party, let’s hear what your plans are. Will you be enjoying yourself outdoors, watching the event on a big screen with thousands of other Eurovision enthusiasts? Will you be hosting guests in your living-room? Are you moving the TV outside for a BBQ party event? And anyhow, what contestant is your favourite this year? (BTW, if you don’t mind, could you please vote for Germany tomorrow so we won’t do quite as poorly as in previous years? Thanks, that will be highly appreciated.)

Oh, and here’s Harel Skaat singing “Milim”. Enjoy!

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  • Sarah and I are going to a party hosted by Germans in (duh) Rechavia. We don’t really care about who wins, we’re just going so that we can laugh at Europeans. Kind of like going to a European beach and laughing at pink fat German or Bulgarian men in Speedos or (Hashem help us) thongs. Also we can pretend to be integrated into Israeli society because Israelis also LOVE Eurovision in all its glorious uhm ubber (insert umlaut)cheesiness. Ciao bella!

  • eurovision gave the world abba…it is therefore evil

    the only performance i have ever liked (after kaveret, back in the day) was sylvia night’s

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