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As part of its 10th Anniversary, Taglit Birthright Israel is undertaking an unprecedented project aimed at introducing Taglit participants to a broader swath of Israeli society, while at the same time, introducing more Israelis to Taglit. This will take place on May 10th and 11th throughout Israel, culminating on May 12th at a Mega Event in Jerusalem. What can we expect? Marches, Tikkun Olam projects, informal meetings with diverse groups from Israeli high tech companies to cultural and community institutions. All this will be covered by major Israeli media and I guess at least one Jewish blog. Taglit is doing this to encourage greater participation in its programs from different and diverse groups in Israeli society and also to celebrate the tenth anniversary of a project that brought close to 250,000 young Jews to Israel.

Ada Spitzer, the VP-Marketing for Taglit Birthright Israel had this to add:

Today, Taglit-Birthright Israel serves as the main bridge between Jewish youth and the State of Israel and it is Taglit-Birthright Israel’s goal to deepen the relationship between Israeli society and the Jewish world . We are celebrating the program’s success and the more than 250,000 young Jews and 50,000 young Israelis who have taken part in this outstanding educational experience. The various events, to be held during El-Israel, will allow Taglit-Birthright Israel participants to meet the many faces of Israel society and will provide an outstanding opportunity for Israelis to meet the participants and to develop awareness of Taglit’s strategic importance. The quarter of a million Taglit-Birthright Israel alumni, and their home communities, play a strategic role ensuring a strong connection between Israel and world Jewry.

Above and beyond the PR hype, I think it’s a good thing for Israel and Taglit participants to get to know each other better. I mean Israel funds a big chunk of Taglit and the Federations that service these kids send significant funding to Israel. Get to know each other! Such projects enrich Taglit participants’ experience and allow Israelis to be exposed to a wider cross section of world Jewry. Stay tuned for our coverage of the events.

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