Yeah, this is a Jewish site, and I can’t find anything particularly Jewish about PAC-MAN, but we’re all Jewish geeks…and this is damn geeky!  

Apparently, today is the legendary PAC-MAN’s 30th Birthday, and Google had the awesome idea of making their logo today into a live, interactive PAC-MAN game. So incredibly awesome. Just go to‘s homepage today, and there it is! And if you click twice on “insert coin,” you get a second player option — and that second player is none other than Pac-Woman, complete with her little bow. You control Pac-Man with the normal arrow keys, and for Pac-Woman, it’s D = right, W= up, A = left and S = down.

And hey, anyway, I heard that Pac-Man’s name was actually Pacmansky — his ancestors just changed it at Ellis Island.

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