Very interesting, though they probably should’ve included Bernie Madoff, considering he really continues to influence people’s financial and personal lives (albeit negatively) all over the world. And why does Elana Kagan appear above Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

The 50 most influential Jews in the world

18/05/2010 16:04

The Jerusalem Post’s first annual list of those who are shaping the future.

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  • Sharon asked: “And why does Elana Kagan appear above Ruth Bader Ginsburg?” I think the intern that put this abysmal list together probably thought that being nominated means Kagan is already seated in the Supreme Court. There’s going to be a confirmation hearing and it’s not a given she’ll get in. Ginsburg as a sitting Supreme Court Justice ought ot have ranked higher than Kagan. No question about it. But there’s more that’s wrong with this list.

    Michael Steinhardt is listed as being 59 when he’s actually 69. Jon Stewart isn’t on this list at all but Sacha Baron Cohen is. Rookie NBA Basketball player Omri Caspi is on the list but World Boxing Association super welterweight champion Yuri Foreman isn’t. Google’s Sergey Brin ranks below Netanyahu and Rahm Emmanuel and Larry Page who is unequivocally Jewish is treated like a footnote in Brin’s paragraph. And is Ehud Barak really more of an influential Jew than Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of facebook? Is Avigdor Lieberman? Sheldon Adelson? Scharansky? Peres? Dershowitz? Irwin Cotler??? Are you kidding me?

    Where are any Rabbis? Where’s Michael Dell? Where’s George Soros? Where’s Sumner Redstone? This list is a bad, bad joke – the very worst of its kind. I’m not actually diminishing the accomplishments of the people listed, the vast majority of whom are talented and accomplished individuals. But as far as systematic rankings go, this thing is about as instructive as, well… let’s just say it’s not instructive at all. AT. ALL.

  • I’m shocked, absolutely shocked, that ck and middle didn’t make the list! I’m going to send a strongly worded letter to the JPost in protest.

  • Thanks “ck” for the agreement. I also think there needed to be more women on there! Just shows how the organized Jewish world still doesn’t really “approve” of having women in high positions…

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