This blog war has gone on long enough. Maybe the Tikkun Olamy thing to do would be to just stop taking swipes (back even) at CK. I mean, you know, since it would be good to demonstrate on even a microlevel the kind of restraint it takes to quell conflict, not perpetuate. Or — maybe you’re finding it hard to sit still while a foe launches verbal missiles at you. I mean, that’s totally understandable.

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  • Hey look Lori… Silverstein actually allowed your comment and even responded!

    He said “He wrote a 2nd post following this one accusing me of “spewing bullshit.” Have you seen a reply here fr me?”

    The “spewing bullshit” post title was inspired by Silverstein’s original post title which you can still see in the permalink: abitbol-how-many-lies-can-he-stuff-into-one-post. As ye sow… in any case, one might think that Silverstein is being magnanimous by not responding. But really? How can one respond to having one’s ass handed to him? He claims I lied, I showed that I didn’t. All he can say is “I was wrong” and he’ll never do that. Oh well.

  • forget dickie,

    read his recent post about dershowitz

    it is apparent that he doesnt read or understand his own blog posts