Are you a college student thinking about studying in Israel for semester? Or a student graduating high school thinking about spending a year in Israel before going to college? Interested in studying, gaining course credits, doing Sar-El, and getting involved in a program of your interest, from science and technology to spirituality and psychology? If so, a new MASA-sponsored program may be the perfect fit – Aardvark Israel.

According to Aardvark director, Keith Berman, the “Aardvark Israel Semester Program, [is] MASA’s newest program for university students. Based in the cultural heart of Israel – Tel Aviv– participants will live in the trendy Florentine neighborhood at an apartment complex catering to young Israelis. The Core program combines immersion into Israeli society, service to the community through volunteer work and internships, and learning about Israel and Judaism through both formal academic and informal educational encounters. On top of all the great aspects of Aardvark’s Core Program, Semester participants will spend two weeks volunteering on an Israeli army base through the Sar-El program. Participants may also sign up for special interest programs in the fields of medicine and psychology, digital media, hiking, and spirituality. The Semester Program also offers world travel options to Tunisia, Kenya, Italy, and Bulgaria. Each semester program offers up to a full semester of college credit through a partnership with the American Jewish University in California.”

The Gap Year program is a 9 month program, based both in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

For more information about either of these two amazing opportunities to study in Israel, check out their website: or e-mail them at

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  • I wouldn’t go near this program. It was set up in a dishonest way by dishonest people that I would certainly not trust with my children

  • BUYER BEWARE. The photos linked below are real images of the apartment we were given by Aardvark. The original images they sent us gave the impression of a beautiful, pristine apartment and did not reflect the actual condition of the apartment we were issued. When we complained our madrichs told us we were being too picky. Our first night there we were not informed that the building gate would be locked and weren’t given keys to get out- we received no genuine help and were literally trapped in the building until the morning- despite being starving after a 20 hour commute to get to the country. The entire apartment was coated in grime and we spent our first day in Tel-Aviv cleaning. For the price we were paying for this poor excuse of an apartment we could have stayed in a private room at a hostel on the beach for a month.Thankfully I do not believe that this apartment is theres anymore, however it is clear through their misrepresentation of it that Aardvark is not an honest organization. If (probably when) this is deleted, IT WILL ONLY SHOW HOW LITTLE THEY VALUE THE TRUTH. Please feel free to contact me with further inquiries or requests to see the original apartment photos we were sent.

    find photos here

    • i was on a different prpgram but visited my friends on aardvark and their apartments were way better than anything i have seen.

    • i dont know who this bitter person is but she obviously photoshopped whatever she wanted since she has a personal act to grind. The aardvark apartments r really nice for tel aviv.

  • i dont know what this person is talking about but i was on aardvark and those apartments r great. And no one i know has that great ocean view.

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