We are thrilled to introduce the launch of the Israeli Army Keffiyeh! This launch is timely in that it follows recent Israeli news headlines and serves to help promote support for the troops of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).  

In addition to having AM YISRAEL CHAI woven into the scarf along with a Magen David centerpiece like the original Israeli Keffiyeh I created, we have made the Israeli Army Keffiyeh in IDF colors to support the IDF soldiers who our doing their huge, immeasurable, part in protecting our land and our people!!

You can pre-order these scarfs now at


(pre-order now and be the first to receive them before they sell out; expected delivery time 3 weeks).

* or click here for direct purchase link.

All the best, Baruch Chertok of Dveykus & Team Shemspeed

p.s. here is some info from StandwithUs on the unfortunate incident with Flotilla.

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    • Laurie, I was born in 1949 in Israel, and during my childhood it was common for Israelis, Arabs and Jews, to wear a Kaffiyeh. Jewish pioneers wore Kaffiyehs, Fez hats, and even Bedouin garb. It wasn’t until the PLO became infamous for their hijackings and killing of Jews that the Kaffiyeh became unpopular. American soldiers in the Gulf wars and Afghanistan have often worn the Kaffiyeh (aka Shemagh).

      The Kaffiyeh is actually very practical to wear in hot deserts or cold nights as well as are symbolic of the middle east.

      Hope this helps to clear up you claim to be “sick”!!

      P.S. An Israeli Kaffiyeh with star of David on it and Jewish writing is actually very cool!

  • Now you copying the keffiyeh from the arabs too??? Come on leave something for us!

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