If hearing “Europe” makes you think of a fanfare, lads with rock-mullets and tight, colourful jeans, don’t read any further.

But if hearing Europe puts a sparkle in your eyes and a smile on your lips and gives you a feeling of belonging, you might just be what I’m looking for.

In a further effort to take the Jewlicious experience global yet cater to the specific needs and interests of the particular local readership, we’ve started Jewlicious.eu, a branch of Jewlicious that is aiming to provide a distinctively European flavour. Due to my involuntarily extended stay in NYC and loads of work that have been creeping out of every corner since my return, the project has been in its baby shoes for a while. I’ve got a handful of bloggers ready to start things off, but I want more. I want you.

Specifically, I hope to eventually get at least one contributor from each European country. Previous experiences with blogging might be handy but are not a necessity. So, if you enjoy the idea of sharing bits of your European Jewish experience with a global readership, if you want to take part in making Europe grow more and more closely together – one post at a time -, if you’re a resident of Europe, an Israeli living in Europe, a European expat living in Israel, I want to hear from you.

The perks of becoming a Jewlicious.eu contributor:
– we are good-looking by default;
– no English required. I love the idea of making things polyglot, so you could post in a language you feel comfortable expressing yourself in;
– you may become one of my hand-picked Facebook friends;
– you may partake in intercontinental meetups;
– you may attract groupies.

The catch:
– the groupies may be stalkers;
– we can’t pay.

Still interested? Then leave a comment or use the contact page to get in touch. It would be nice if you provided a sample of your writing, photography or whatever else you’d like to contribute.

Looking forward. 🙂

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  • Hey! i find this absolutely unfair!
    you have the original jewlicious, the russian, now the european…what are u waiting to arrive in south america??
    there are plenty of bloggers down here willing to collaborate!
    gut shabbes and chodesh tov!

  • I’m definitively ready to rumble!
    Good looking? Of course! No English required: Auch kein Problem, Nema problema! Facebook? Yeah!
    Stalkers? I am used to it – see point “Good looking?”

  • Ezequiel, one step at a time – it’s not just about the bloggers but also about an editor whose physique and / or one-liners CK enjoys.
    All kidding aside, CK and I have both thought and talked this through, and he’s made me aware in his own, flattering way that it’ll take quite some determination and reliability to serve as an editor for such an ambitious project.

    Chajm, gladly! I saw you don’t live sooo far away from me (northern Rhineland-Palatinate here). You’d definitely be more than welcome.

    Middle, that’ll be part of the fun for me as well. 😀 I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned the other day that I’d started learning Welsh for jewlicious.eu.

    To those that have left messages via the contact page: I’ll get back to you individually over the next few days. What I’ve read so far sounds very promising.

  • I may be escaping the Obama economy by moving to Belarus. I’ll keep you posted.

    • Tom, I’d be utterly appreciative – and you know what that means – if you really were to put so much effort into the diplomatic position I was going to assign you.

  • Hi!

    I am a graphic design student based in Germany. I’ve been running a blog for a couple of years (from 2005 through 2008) and have been active tweeting and micro-blogging ever since I stopped due to my studies. I currently live in Berlin and am an active member of my Jewish community, as well as an unaffiliated impromptu online activist for everything Israel. Plus, I’ve been reading Jewlicious for at least four years now…

    Basically, I’d like to join the crew.

    • Noah, ich freue mich!

      I’ll send you an email once I finish replying to all those emails waiting for me…