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Isn’t love supposed to be a spring thing? After a cold winter the sap starts to rise, the air is full of pollen, bulky sweaters are discarded… cue in the porno soundtrack baby! And yet, a random search for Jewish love comes up with some interesting blog fodder. The Jew and the Carrot offers us some dirty love – modern urban Jewish farmer Eli Goldstein declares “I love getting dirty…” The BBC has kibbutz based medical researcher Sharon Goldfarb-Albak who works with pigs and declares “I love pigs! The Bible says don’t eat pig, so I don’t eat pig, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pet them and make them my friends…” Then we have the Jewish Journal introducing us to Mormons who love all things Jewish: “I have always had a love and an interest in the traditions and the culture of the Jewish people as well as the landscape and history of Israel. So a unique and exciting destination for my honeymoon seemed appropriate.”

Cute. But what about… you know, bumpin’ booties? Well, it seems all the focus there is online. Jewcy has a series called Fifty First (J) Dates based on a blog of the same name by Meredith Fineman who shares her JDate hits, misses and musings. Her latest and perhaps final entry? How do you know when to get off the dating smörgÃ¥sbord? Heh. I’ll read anything by tall Jewish women (though to be fair she is quite a good writer with a great variety of outfits and shoes).

Taking a 180 degree religious turn we now check out Heshy over at FrumSatire.net. Heshy’s enjoying his 4th year of blogging and in honor of that auspicious occasion, is reposting some of his earlier posts from back in the day when it was all raw and meaningful. One of the posts he chose is titled simply Jewish internet dating rant. See back in aught six, Internet dating for frum people was considered a tad… immodest? risqué? I mean we know the Ba’al Shem Tov never used the Internet so… Hesh claims Internet dating allowed you to distinguish yourself as being “Frum but with it”:

What exactly does Frum but with it mean? Does it mean you are frum but on the inside you are a Williamsburg hipster, or are you some vegan, anti conformist, lesbian under your Bais Yaakov uniform? Or maybe you are really some frummy who is really interested in other things such as ante bellum houses, Andy Warhol, and 80s hair bands, but can’t say so to any of your freinds because you will be cast off onlysimchas, and thrown out of your Sternberg reunion party at the Glatt Wok.

Oh how things have changed. Now Internet dating is so common, even amongst the frummies. JDate no longer even advertises any more, they just take your patronage for granted. And it seems that other than more Orthodox Jews thrown into the mix, nothing’s changed. People still lie about their weight and height, people that seemed perfectly nice online turn into crystal meth addicted mental cases on the first date. You know… the usual.

At this point I really ought to plug our long time sponsors JMatch who recently completed a total overhaul of their site, going for a cooler and more basic interface, eschewing clutter for ease of use. They still have Dvorah, their old school matchmaker on staff and they pride themselves on their proactive and marriage-oriented approach to matchmaking. Take JMatch for a spin and let me know what you think.

Love is hard, but it doesn’t have to be that hard!

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  • What the hell? You write about Jewish dating, Jewish love, Jewish singles and JMatch – and you drop me in there as someone who loves pigs? Wonderful. Well you are a pig and I DEFINITELY do NOT love you!

  • I don’t get this site I was looking for a school project on pigs and this is what i get. What the frig is wrong with you