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The subject of this “Daf” is Assimilation. The ‘mishnah’, created at Jewlicious 6.0:

How much of non-Jewish cultures/ values/ places can be taken on before essential Jewish identity is lost?
What & Where makes Jews Jewish: Who decides: Why does it matter?

The New Jerusalem Talmud is a better-than-wiki resource for controversy. Project creator Matthew Mausner and participants take modern issues and approach them from many perspectives, and edit the results into one ‘daf’ or page where all sides of the controversy are graphically represented. Mausner believes that the Talmud was the world’s first hypertext. He believes that there’s a ‘Jewish methodology’ seen in the Talmud, where several contradictory opinions are explored to discover how they’re almost all actually at least partly right and just coming from different angles, is superior for understanding controversy to the Greek dialectic, which presumes there’s only two sides of any controversy, only one of which can be right– and which dominates academia and journalism. Mausner’s group is putting it together in Jerusalem and online.

Please see the New Jerusalem Talmud website for further information. Forward this link to people you think would be interested. The New Jerusalem Talmud values contributors from all backgrounds.

The NJT Assimilation discussion will be held on Thursday, June 24th at 7:00 p.m. at 17 Tiberias St. in Nachlaot, Jerusalem. Please RSVP to this [email protected] or call 054-621-4658 to confirm your attendance, in order to ensure adequate space.

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