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Poland continues to be a place where Jews works out deep psychological problems in deplorable ways.

Last week an Israeli vandalized the last major section of the Warsaw Ghetto wall. JPost reports:

Former Israeli Air Force captain and Israel boycott activist Yonatan Shapira spray-painted pro-Palestinian graffiti on the walls of the Warsaw Ghetto last week, Channel 10 reported on Sunday.

Shapira was shown on camera the previous Sunday spraying the slogans “Free all ghettos” and “Free Palestine and Gaza” on the walls of the Jewish ghetto in the Polish city – famed site of Jewish resistance to the Nazis – and then hoisting upon the wall a Palestinian flag on a rope with a bottle attached at the end that he threw over the other side.

Shapira’s vandalism occurred on the eve of some of the highlights for Polish Jews this summer. This past week the Jewish community in Poland, together with tens of thousands of non-Jews celebrated Jewish culture at the Krakow Jewish Cultural Festival. MATISYAHU performed at Poland’s premier OPEN’ER Festival in Gdansk. Poles and Jews are finding more ways towards rapprochement, a move forward with good relations.

Shapira’s vandalism shows his disregard for the inherent dignity of his fellow Jews. By desecrating and violating the Jewish community of Poland’s holy site, a place where tears soak the earth, he has committed a hate crime.

The wall is one of the few places that the Jewish community in Warsaw can mourn the loss of millions of Jews. The ghetto walls were destroyed along with most of Warsaw in WWII. The communists that rebuilt the city attempted to erase any other remnant of the infamous wall.

The ghetto wall section that he desecrated is not just visited by local Jews, but by tens of thousands of visitors to Warsaw every year. The Ghetto is where tens of thousands of Jews died before being shipped to the death camps.

Shapira is not a righteous zealot, but a criminal who deserves to serve time for his hateful acts.

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  • It is criminal, but some of the facts in your article are not true. I am not sure it changes any thing but facts are important.
    1) they did not spray the wall. they sprayed a building near the wall, an old ghetto building but not the monumental wall part tens of thousands are coming to visit.
    2) Yonatat Shapira only sprayed the Hebrew part of the graffiti, he had a Polish partner spraying the rest and doing most of the campaigning. She recently published a book about how Gaza is the new Warsaw ghetto and I am sure it is her initiative.
    3) Matisyaho didn’t only play on OPEN’ER Festival in Gdansk he also played at the Jewish festival in Krakow you refered to. I was there it was amazing:-)

  • who if funding shapira’s tour of hate?

    this guy gets around alot

  • People are always telling me Jews cannot be antisemites … well, this shows that they can certainly commit hate crimes … antisemitic hate crimes.

  • He must know full well about the murder of those innocents imprisoned inside the Warsaw Ghetto walls [or the ghetto building] he defaced and, must know a great deal about the 6 major death camps situated just short distances by train away from it. Yet apparently feels nothing for historical fact, no compassion or love for the victims, no bonds and no sense of injustice for what occurred. This man is a traitor.