I came across the song after reading an article about it in the Jerusalem Post. Twenty-two year old pianist Yedida Freilich composed the song “Only Israel,” with lyrical help from her father, Gabby, and bother, Yuval. The song expresses her (and their) feelings regarding the treatment of Israel in the international arena in relation to Israel’s right to self defense. The ballad-like music is paired with statements and observations. The song is now available on iTunes.

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  • Hi.
    Yes it sounds great ,we had it about 3 weeks ago on our blog.The beginning reminds me of one of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra their pieces.

  • This i the same thing but with a major error. The examples that are brought up are all different occupations and severe conflicts – are we, according to the pyrics, supposed to see them as “righteous self-defence”, something that “only Israel” isnt allowed in the eyes of the world? Or are we supposed to shift our concentration, as it seems that it is meant? This is the core of how this thing works – dont look at us, dont care whatever we do, dont protest anything in our deeds, or you are being racist against us. What a way to excuse genocide and state terror.