The view from the bunks at Camp Jewlicious. (Photo Ben Perlstein)

… of nature, of life, of beauty, of music, of being with people, and looking at the stars, and taking a break from life and doing something completely different. 🙂

People who hang out with me for a while will hear me say that my favorite thing is Jewish summer camp. There is something magical about camp, and since I was 11, camp was the place I wanted to be, all summer long.

The camp where I grew up, Habonim Camp Tavor in Three Rivers Michigan, had none of the fancy stuff of other camps. We had no power boats, no horses, no climbing, no computers. It was super rustic, and we slept in MASH style tents, with army bunks and mosquito netting. And I still loved every minute.

So it was no surprise to my wife Rachel, the co-founder of Jewlicious Festival, when I told her I wanted to do a summer camp Jewlicious style, for young adults.

Three years later, countless proposals, emails, phone calls, and car rides later, Camp Jewlicious is a reality.

I want to give a shout-out to the Disco Biscuits, who reminded me that summer camp isn’t just for kids. Camp is a place for for everyone.

Camp Jewlicious has amazing facilities, beyond anything that I could have dreamed of. Plus, we have all the down home campy stuff too. I will be posting more soon! Prepare for a time that will you will never forget.

Space is limited — prices go up at the end of July!
See photos from our walk through here on Facebook.

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