A few Israeli soldiers do a dance to Kesha’s Tik To k and the world is in a panic. 194 News articles and counting. But seriously, really, does this deserve an entire blog piece dedicated to the dance video on NYTimes.com, with an in depth analysis and quotes? Really?

There are hundreds of YouTube videos of all kinds of soldiers doing all kinds of dances. Being confined to the boredom of some army jobs, or the stress of others, it is perfectly human.

When Air Force airmen released this video in March to Kesha’s song- a full length choreographed video by a group of soldiers whose airplanes are bombing things all over Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and who knows where else – did the world cry in anguish? Were they called callous oppressors? Did the NYTimes publish a lengthy analysis? Nada.

But Robert Mackey, who published today’s piece about the IDF dancers, did blog about the Israeli spoof We Con The World, and quotes IDF detractor Max Blumenthal who claims that say the IDF doctored audio and video from the Fauxtilla incident, and that Michael Oren is a liar.

And back to the party dont’ stop.

Mashable, Gawker, Christian Science Monitor and many more weigh in on the video.

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  • I think the issue with the “original” video from an Israeli perspective is that it was taken on duty. I don’t know the standard procedures there, but I’d assume that a patrol of six people is there for a reason. From an international perspective, the video contributes unfortunately well to the claim the IDF doesn’t care for Palestinians. I don’t think anybody would mind IDF soldiers doing dance videos off duty.