Yossele Rosenblatt died in 1933, one of the most celebrated cantors of his time, a time before clear recordings and digitized music. Mr. Rosenblatt earned his name, the Jewish Caruso with his impressive two and a half octave vocal range. This beautiful music would be lost to the world if not for Mendel Werdyger, the proprietor of Mostly Music an expansive site and storefront for modern and old school Jewish music. Seventy seven years later Mr. Werdyger, frustrated with the sound of Mr. Rosenblatt’s recordings on 78’s, took it upon himself to remaster and restore each track, second by second. Mr. Werdyger did this without any formal training in sound engineering. This past month Mr. Werdyger has released three CDs, the first of which has sold over 15,000 copies. The CDs include 35 tracks of which Mr. Werdyger spent 4-5 hours on each song, restoring the audio quality, removing the hiss and noises without loosing any of the original qualities of the music. The song are a collection of the records Mr. Werdyger found on eBay and borrowed from various University libraries. The overwhelming interest in Yossele Rosenblatt’s music, has been a great surprise and has inspired Mr. Werdyger to search out other cantors from the older generations bringing their music to life.

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