So far, so good!

Day 1 of Camp Jewlicious has just concluded – and what a day it’s been! First, a word about the venue. Camp Jewlicious is taking place at the Brandeis Bardin Campus of the American Jewish University. This lush, verdant, 3000 acre facility located just 45 minutes north of Los Angeles is the largest piece of Jewish owned property outside of Israel. Frankly, it’s overwhelming. Yes, there’s horseback riding, and mountain biking, hikes galore and swimming pools. The buildings are well appointed, the staff friendly and helpful and there are friggin peacocks roaming the grounds! Prior to my arrival here I saw photos but nothing compares to actually being here. I spent my first half hour at Camp Jewlicious walking around like a stunned slack jawed imbecile.

Our Jewlicious crew has been hard at work for the past several months planning and putting together this event and we have over 100 registered attendees. We’re hoping that this will become yet another signature event, like the Jewlicious Festival (which incidentally began 6 years ago, also with just over 100 attendees, and has grown phenomenally since). Camp Jewlicious will offer its participants a positive Jewish experience in an insanely gorgeous setting. Of course I will keep you all updated but today, Camp Jewlicious participants enjoyed horseback riding, swimming, basketball, bonding experiences like capture the flag and a campfire singalong with Rav Shmuel. Tomorrow’s program includes Bibliyoga sessions with ROI Community and Jewlicious Festival alum Marcus Freed, sessions on grass roots community organizing, more fun and games and of course, Sabbath stuff.

So yeah. Pretty bad ass eh?

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