And take a vow never to procreate.

This post isn’t particularly Jewlicious, but anyhow…

As I was going to check in on my grandma in her residential neighbourhood a few hours ago, I spotted something like a piece rope in the middle of the street. One closer look told me the rope looked like a curled up cobra. Aside that I’ve never really understood some people’s need to keep such animals for pets, but anyhow… A few kids live in a house right next to the snake, and they were outside with their father. When asked, they claimed they hadn’t noticed the snake yet, had no idea etc., so I called the police station. Police arrived with four officers with special equipment, approached the cobra, and, to cut this short, it turned out to be a highly realistic looking fake.
Said father and kids had quite a good laugh until one of the officers told them that such pranks aren’t funny in the slightest.

See, I don’t mind a good prank. I’m also aware that kids sometimes play pranks that are a tad off cause they don’t yet have a good gauge for what’s doable and what’s not. But if a responsible caregiver also doesn’t know where to draw the line, that’s where, well, music television stops playing music videos altogether as they’ve found enough fodder and consumers for their shows.

So, if you think that prank was funny, please hold a sheet of paper tightly between your knees at all times during your fertile years. Thank you.

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  • Last night I saw a father tell his son to let their dog pee on a bench. The bench was at a restaurant.

    Essentially, the father encouraged his son to let the dog pee on a bench where people eat.

    • Thanks for another example of in the huge gap between the ability to have children and doing a good job parenting.

      You’ve got a nice blog, BTW.

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