Better late than never, eh?

It’s been a hell of a week. We never really thought that we’d actually pull it off. I mean Camp Jewlicious. Four days at the breath taking Brandeis Bardin Institute, 130 participants, endless activity and discussions, music… whatever. We’ve all been in a daze this week so cut us a bit of slack ok? It was beyond. Just beyond. Here are some stand out photos because without photos, it didn’t happen!

Friday included activities like horse back riding, rock climbing, swimming, basketball and sessions on grass roots community building. Fun!

They took my beautiful shirts and tie dyed them like hippies. For shame!

More photos after the bump OR you can blow the whole wad over at our flickr page.

Saturday night havdalah service was SO campy!

...and then we had the Saturday night show and some very innovative dancing, yay!

Standard cheesy WE WENT TO CAMP JEWLICIOUS pic. Sorry.

Standard cheesy WE WENT TO CAMP JEWLICIOUS pic. Sorry.

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